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My friend Jeffing & 6 month anniversary


So there are many ways in which we can measure success - or failure; good - or bad. I am becoming much better at seeing the fact that I am outside, running, as a success. Regardless of how slow, painful, how many times I walk, or stop - I’m running! Intermittently!

After a couple of weeks of running every other day, a 5-day gap grew. Child, boyfriend, work, stomach, weather, sleep, I think we all know how the should-have-gone-for-a-run days dissolve. My buff sun visor and shockingly technicoloured sunglasses arrived and sat on the kitchen table, along with a very artificial-tasting blue bladder for my pocket.

I pulled on some leggings, not really feeling it. Put on the shoes, not feeling it. Stepped out the door and the not feeling it continued throughout the run, to be honest. I walked several times and sweated so constantly and profusely it was like salt had been sprinkled onto my eyeballs. Despite this, I continued to run, and continued to restart running for 5km.

Time wise - I was 14 seconds away from breaking the 30 minute barrier IF you don’t count the breaks. Haha. I think if I was running downhill with a cool breeze behind me on a good day, I might just run 5k in 30. As it is, I can run about 5 x 1k x 6 minutes with 6 x 30 second breaks (totalling 33 minutes). Which equates to running 5k at a 6’36” pace, not far off my Parkrun PB. So maybe it’s time to start seeing Jeffing as a legitimate technique rather not being strong/good/fit/disciplined/well-paced enough. Although all those things can do with improving!

For now, just getting out there was an excellent effort. I’m off for a weekend camping in Snowdonian rain with hours and hours of driving to get there - all made worthwhile by the company, of course - but running isn’t going to be on the agenda. So today was the day - and it was.

Thanks to E27 my virtual run buddy for reminding me it is 6 months to the day since Week 1 Run 1 - and on Global Running Day! Serendipitous or what?! Happy running all x

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Happy 6 months anniversary! Sounds like a good way to celebrate 🎉 now go and enjoy the rain ☔️


Well done on today's run - enjoy your weekend!☔

Hello again. You reminded me this is also exactly my 6 month anniversary today so congrats to us both! I am still aiming for three runs a week and using the same designation as C25K so have slipped a little as I did W25R3 this morning. Only 3.5k along a canal towpath in unfamiliar territory (as I am away on a narrowboat) but did the 3k in under 18 mins so not too bad. Still not extended beyond 5k but maybe in the next 6 months. Keep running and smiling 🙂😄😜

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You are dedicated! Well done. That’s three of us having our 6 month runiversary. You should be renamed runguy. Narrow boat sounds great, I hope you are enjoying your break.

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Thanks. Always enjoy your lengthy posts 🙂 Glad it’s my running rest day tomorrow as heavy rain forecast all day but lots of locks to go through so will still get very very wet 😟☔️


Even though you weren't feeling it you still did it 🤗 Happy months runniversary.

There's quite a lot of talk about sweat the last day or two.

Clubberlang ran into a tree because of it! whilst wiping his stinging eyes😂 Sorry, shouldn't laugh.

Do you wear a headband?

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I was hoping the sun visor would act as a headband but it wasn’t nearly absorbent enough!


Happy 6 month runniversary. 😊

U are doing great. Enjoy your weekend 😊


Cheers to our 6 months of running, almost hit 5k in 30 mins, I’m impressed. To celebrate today I bought my son a new bike and, as he is now taller than me, I have inherited his old one! We went out for a short spin, my first bike ride in maybe 32 years I think!! I have a whole new set of aching muscles now 😂😂

Hope you have a lovely weekend away.

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Thanks E! Jump in a pool and it will be triathlons next 😜

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Haha, I like a swim in a nice clean pool, or even in the sea, but I really don’t fancy swimming in a manky muddy lake with weeds and duck poo 💩 Yuk! No thanks!!


A very happy coincidence indeed!

Happy running! 😁

😸 Katnap 😸


I’m a big fan of jeffing! You could always join my OTA club. Or there abouts. It covers all scenarios - 5k, 30 min - very flexible!! Great your still out there though - it’s tough after you graduate.

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