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🎶Chest Infection🎶 (AKA Chain Reaction by Donna Summer)


After my determination to run more regularly I’ve been stuck in bed. But while trying to put together a new playlist stumbled across Donna Summer’s Chain Reaction, which just about sums up how I feel.


I’m in the middle of a chest infection

My asthma’s bad, feeling such frustration.

I wanna get better, stop all this hot sweat urgh ,

Need a cup of tea.


I’m stuck in bed for a long duration,

Keep coughing hard, there ain’t no cessation.

I’ve got the blues, I’ve run out of tissues.

This bug is so beastly.


I just have to cough, cough, cough,

Can’t run I just cough.

Can’t stop it, I cough, cough, cough.

Now I’ve had enough.

🥴 💊

I’m on some steroids ‘cos my peak flow’s lower.

My eyes are puffy, I look like an ogre.

My nose is blocked, I can’t even blow errr.

Bones ache like the flu.

And now I’m not running, it’s not fun.

Keeping wrapped up in a big pullover.

Just hope my mojo don’t decide to hideaway.

Crying, dying, that’s all I can do...

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So sorry you are poorly, but great lyrics! I would laugh but would then join you in a coughing fit 😬

I’m hoping to actually drag myself out of bed later today as I’m supposed to be visiting my dad. He’s 83 and wants to show me his local gym which has just been referbed. Not sure how much of a work out I will do. Just watching will be enough...

Fab! Eek, hope you don’t pass the bug to your dad 🤔 get well soon !

Razouski in reply to CatMo13

Hmmm I hadn’t thought about infecting him. Maybe I’ll rethink ... 🤔


If they weren’t referring to you, I’d find those lyrics hysterical Razouski! 🎶🎶

Hope you recover soon and can get back up and running. 👍🤞

Thanks cheekychipmunks. At least I should have a good playlist to look forward to. 👍🏽


Bad news, but good lyrics! Poor you, I do hope you get to feel better soon. Looking forward to our coffee and PCT next week !


Razouski in reply to Jancanrun

Steroids will hopefully kick in soon. I tried going to the gym with my dad today, but I couldn't do any cardio stuff as I was just wheezing and coughing.

As for the PCT: me too, and I hope I've stopped coughing by then. x x x


Love the lyrics, but so sorry to hear you're unwell. Take care of yourself.

Thanks SaskAlliecat I'm getting really fed up with the constant coughing, so tomorrow may well be another duvet day.

SaskAlliecatGraduate10 in reply to Razouski

Sounds like a great plan!


Oh Razouski big hugs to you!! I hope you’ll be feeling much better soon and back out on the run with a nice spring in your step - mojo in tact!! 🤗🤗❤️

Razouski in reply to Fabulous450

Thanks - I’m making sure I pop into the forum regularly even though I’m not running as that seems to keep my mojo bouncing around - can’t afford for it to go AWOL while waiting for me to get better. 😂

Fabulous450Graduate10 in reply to Razouski

Glad to have you too! Always an inspiration Razouski! 😁❤️

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