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Rethinking my approach to 10km


Last week’s run went well and was enjoyable. It was a leap from the goal and on the day I felt fine with it.

Since then I’ve had headaches everyday. Today I ran my short run. I enjoyed this. My headache stopped. Thank goodness!!

Exceeding the goal isn’t ideal. I figured out that for me, adhering to the set goal is best/discipline. It takes real effort for me to stop running when I’m running. I just love the feeling. Yet, learning to pace myself is now also a key goal.

I tell myself it’s a journey and yet when I run I forget that and instead, I run like I’m running for some imagined competition.

So, I’ve decided to set my watch to beep at me when I’ve reached my goal and then to stop running (warm down).

Don’t know if others experience this: finding it difficult to actually stop at the goal even when you want to keep running.

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I really wish that I had your "problem" . I am only too happy to stop when my aimed for distance is up, if not before! Having said that, I am enjoying the 10k journey, just wish I felt a bit fitter on my runs.

me2019 in reply to 51mc

Only too happy to stop - sounds v sensible to me!!

Thank you for the sentiment - appreciate it! :)


I have this problem all the time when I run on my own or at parkrun. The best runs for me are when I run with my wife and I have to run at her pace. She is about 7min/k and I'm a 5min/k runner at my best so her pace is much better option. Is so hard to pace myself

me2019 in reply to Dave58

That’s brilliant! I do enjoy running on my own: me-time, yet if this week’s long run I repeat my bad habit of exceeding goal, I’ll run with my partner (he’s more than happy to go slow! Might do me good!)

Thanks for the idea :)


"Last week’s run went well and was enjoyable. It was a leap from the goal and on the day I felt fine with it."

How much of a leap was it?

What week are you on?

I did do my 9k when I intended to do a 5k, but that was still a planned run for me that week, and I did it because I felt good at 4k.

Maybe you weren't hydrated enough, that can cause headaches.

Maybe you were unwell and it is a coincidence.

My main concern would be that you exceed the 10% rule and risk getting injured.

Take it easy😊

me2019 in reply to Jell6

Yes - I did exceed 10%

my goal was 10% more than the previous week’s run so when I exceeded the set goal I effectively jumped by circa. 29% (too much!)

But for this week’s long-run, my goal is going to be 10% on top of my last week’s goal (6.8) and not actual (8.01). So I’ll be setting my watch to 7.5km and get it to notify me once reached.

I’ve also been logging how much water I consume throughout the day. I realised that drinking less than 1.5 ltrs per day is ok when I’m not training, yet when I train I can’t get away with less as it just leads to splitting headaches!

I am now really convinced that for me it’s important to stick to the goal and not get swept away by the feeling. I don’t have any desire to experience the head pain ever again! Yet self inflicted through being silly. Oh well


Jell6Graduate10 in reply to me2019

I also really struggle with the fluid intake, I'm not someone who often feels thirsty, I work 12-13 hour shifts and have done for years, I expect that doesn't help.

What I started doing is putting a 600ml bottle of smart water in the car (the biggest my cup holder will take) , I drink half on the drive in and finish it on the way home. A sneaky 600mls that I usually would not have. It's really helped me🤩😊

me2019 in reply to Jell6

Great idea - thanks! :)


Have you checked out juju’s magic plan? It’s a safe way of increasing distance from 5k to 10k ie increasing the weekly total by no more than 10%. Having a set plan helps with discipline. It really works too.


It’s great that you love the feeling of running but you are wise to set your watch to beep as you don’t want to injure yourself. 👍🏻


Sounds very much like hydration and maybe salt-balance to me. Several people swear by hydration tablets for the pre/post run water. I know that getting dehydrated is the main cause of migraine in my case (I know it's a migrane 'cos of the aura).

me2019 in reply to theoldfellow

Thanks for the salt info. I think you’re night I craved pretzels and the salt tasted fantastic. I felt mild relief the next day. I don’t consume grain carbs and salt ordinarily so I think having pretzels and salt was heavenly for my brain pain.

I’m going to get some hydration tablets and electrolytes tomorrow ahead of my run and then afterwards too.

Thank you for your advice!!


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