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1st run of 2019 - tech failure!

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As I wasn’t lucky enough to have a NYD parkrun nearby, first run of the year today. What a disaster! Decided, now I’ve finished the Magic 10, to go back and try the C25k+ podcasts again. Well, about 3 minutes in Laura stopped talking to me and nothing I could do would persuade her to start again. So I switched to my playlist and back to normal mode. I was going to do 5k, then decided to stretch it to 6k, but it felt such hard work, legs like lead that it was definitely my slowest for a long time and I had a 15 minute coughing fit when I got home. Can’t even console myself with a glass of something later, as I’m doing Dry January. Oh well, chalk it up to experience- they can’t all be good 😥😫🚶‍♀️

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Ah no! U still ran tho!

Yep just put it down to experience. Hard after Christmas I think

Good luck with dry Jan.

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Sandie1961Graduate10 in reply to Deals1

Thanks Deals! The extra weight jiggling round my middle definitely didn’t help either🦛

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Oh nooo Sandie. Darned tech! Better luck next time, although you still got out and ran today! I’m waiting for my car at the garage whilst it’s having its MOT. Oh so dull! 💤

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Sandie1961Graduate10 in reply to cheekychipmunks

I’m sending OH to get my car MOT’d this afternoon, while I hoover! Mmmm, back to reality 😂

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cheekychipmunksGraduate10 in reply to Sandie1961

I thought the same! 🙄😅

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Maybe you have been pushing the boundaries recently and are due a couple of 80% efforts ? Best consigned to the dustbin of history and forgotten about. Working myself up to another 10k tomorrow; maybe I will find out that I have been overdoing it too! Anyway, no worries for you; we know that you have a Ferrari engine under the bonnet; soon be in top gear again.🏎😊

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Sandie1961Graduate10 in reply to Beachcomber66

Lol! More like overdoing the New Year celebrations. Going to head for parkrun on Saturday then think I’m going to continue with a version of ju-ju’s plan with 3 runs a week, a shorter run using the podcasts if I can ever get them to work, parkrun and increasingly longer runs back up to 10k every 4 weeks! Good luck tomorrow - I’ll look forward to your post.

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Looks as though it is going to be very cold up here tomorrow. Can’t back out now😊🥶

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Sandie1961Graduate10 in reply to Beachcomber66

I think we’re in for worse to come as well. That’ll test us new runners! Might even have to resort to the dread mill if the snow arrives as forecast 😫

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As you say chalk it up to experience. You did it and you got out ( huge tick). We all have difficult runs and we always learn lots from them... the next one will be better.

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You got out there that's the main thing. Welldone...!

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Sandie1961Graduate10 in reply to Snuffy_T

Thanks Snuffy - I did, didn’t I? 😃

Well done Sandie, you gave it your all, even though it was tough! 🙌 I’d say that’s pretty awesome effort & determination there! 🤩👌

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