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Mexico, Christmas laziness, and a happy new year all! πŸ˜†

Hi all, been a while since I posted.

Plans to run & consolidate in Mexico didn't really go as planned. We had the "animation crew" ask us on day 3 if we wanted to go for a run on the following morning. Great I thought, we must look like runners! So we signed up. Unfortunately we got a little lost the following morning and were a couple of minutes late to the lobby and they had already set off. In our kit decided to go for a run anyway on our ownsome but Becca had only taken silly trainers with her (Ted Bakers) ran for 10 minutes or so and called it a day, when her feet got too sweaty.

Still planned to go running on several mornings, but good intentions were usually but to rest with back pain after waking up (the bed was horrible). Anyway enough excuses rest of the holiday was great, still walked and swam a fair bit but promise I will be getting back into the running trainers next week :)

Hope you all had a great christmas and all the best for the new year!

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Happy new year Jonny! 😸


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