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First Run with my new Apple Watch ⌚️

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Hope you lovely running folks had a great Christmas 🎄 A wee 5K on the treadmill yesterday morning using my new gift from 🎅🏼. It’s got Nike Run Club app built in. I’m a tad confused however as it seems to have added in my 5min warm up walk even though I hadn’t hit the ‘start’ button at that point??! Think it might take a bit of getting used to. Anyone else use NRC?

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I use it Ally but i don't find it accurate. So I use it for the guided runs which are brilliant and I use Runkeeper at the same time as i find that more accurate for stats. Good luck with your Apple Watch. I am looking at some in the sales. I'm thinking of a Series 3 as the newer ones are very expensive.

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Thanks Paula. I’ll let you know how it goes with the Apple Watch. That’s disappointing that NRC isn’t accurate. I thought that was the case when it’s added on my warm up as I only actually ran for 5K and not 5.5K. Was using Map my Run previously so may just keep using it. 😬

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