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The unexpected 10k

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It was only supposed to be a 6 or 7k run to blow out the Christmas cobwebs but one extra kilometre led to another and before I knew it I had run 10k. This is only the second time I have ever run this distance, the last time being the London 10k back in May.

I had been consolidating the 5k runs since the summer and slowly upping the distance recently but I hadn’t intended to get to 10k again so soon.

I figure that is enough calories burned for a large slice of Christmas cake!!

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Absolutely.How brilliant is that???! Congratulations.I'm going to do only my second 10k this weekend.But it will be much slower!

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SigeredGraduate10 in reply to Empem

Thanks. Good luck with your 10K!

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Yessss, well done Sigered! Another Christmas 10ker! I did my 2nd one on Boxing Day and there are several others who have too. Isn’t it a fab feeling?

Your pace was a lot quicker than mine though, so extra well done - and yes Christmas cake is definitely in order! 👏👏

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SigeredGraduate10 in reply to cheekychipmunks

Thanks! I made the decision not to look at the time on my Garmin as each kilometre passed and was surprised with the time at the end. If I am going to do this regularly then I think I need to slow the pace down a bit.

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Most of the walks and runs I have recorded since I bought my new Smartphone and installed Mapmyrun/walk regarding calories are roughly the same as an average meal I have, somewhere in and around the 300 to 400 mark, the most calories I 'burned' was on a 12 Kilometre walk, 17,000 steps and 737 calories, my PB 5K at 32.25 burned about 400 calories.

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Congratulations Sigered - the ones that sneak up on you are often the best ones! 😀

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Well done!!

It's great when u feel u can go that little bit extra... Or a big bit extra! 😂🏃👍

Yep u definitely deserve that 🍰 (couldn't find Christmas cake!)

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Congratulations. That’s a great run and a fantastic achievement . Hope you enjoyed the cake 😁

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Well Done and a great time too.

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Excellent achievement! I ran my first 10k yesterday after intending to do only 6 or 7k, reckon it's all the carbs I'd eaten in the past few days!

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SigeredGraduate10 in reply to Running-nana

Congratulations on your first 10k! It must be something in all that turkey and Christmas pudding!

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