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Was it a good idea?

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Good morning, after hitting 60min run on Christmas Day and being in touching distance of 10K I thought today would be a good day to go for it. Star of the run was terrible and it took me a good 15min to get in to a nice rhythm. By the time I got to 8km my legs were killing me but mind over matter ( wasn’t going to waste the 8km) and I pushed through and hit 11.1km in total. Take off 1km for the warm up and cool down walking and that is the big 10km hit, one month after completing C25k. I will probably suffer for it tomorrow but I’m feeling so good about myself right now.

Hope everyone has a great day of running ahead.

10 Replies
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P.S. Yes, it was a good idea!!

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Woohoo, very well done! You should be very proud of your progress! 👏👏👏

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Amazing , what a lovely Christmas present !

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Well done that's amazing!!!

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Fantastic, well done, that’s really good going.


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Well done Khoba - feels great doesn't it! So quick after c25k too 🙄

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Yay!! Well done u! 🎉🏅🏃

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Very good. That’s one to be proud of for sure.

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Yay you did it! You got there faster than most of us but we are all different. 🏅👍

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Brilliant, well done! Amazing to hit 10k so soon after completing C25k.

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