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First Parkrun


Completed first Parkrun this morning. Haven’t got official result yet but this shows log from my watch which I think will be more accurate. I started at the back but wasn’t last to finish. Really pleased to have achieved this.

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I just got back from second parkrun. I got there just as it was starting so I didn't get my phone tracking , so I don't know my time. Like you I started at the back...but didn't come last. Not that it matters if you cone last, but I really don't want to be last...! It's a good feeling taking part in a group event isn't it?

Runningrev in reply to Snuffy_T

It’s great. I want one of those t-shirts!! I saw 10, 50 and 100!

Snuffy_TGraduate10 in reply to Runningrev

I was thinking that too ! Only 48 more runs to go 😀 I'm really excited to get my result. I keep checking my phone.

Well done to you! It does seem so good how running leads us to new experiences outside our comfort zone. Congratulations!🍾🥂🏅👏🏻😊🎉👍

Thanks so much.


Very well done! 👏👏 So glad you had a good time today. I hope the weather was better than ours here in the SW! 🏃‍♀️🏃💨💦💦💦💦💦💦

Thanks. It was better. Dry if rather cold.


Good for you 😀 - I’ll get there eventually, but not till I have built up to the 45 ish mins it will take me!

You will. I’m retired with plenty of time to train and go to the gym which does give me a great advantage.


Welcome to Parkrun RR! Hope you enjoyed yourself, and that yours wasn’t as chilly as ours was today! 😊❤️

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