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First Parkrun

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Having graduated from C25K last Thursday, I ran my first 5k parkrun. Having been inspired by comments on this blog re the Galloway method, I ran a series of 10 minutes with 3 minute walking recovery in between. Aiming for sub 45 mins; I was really pleased to get around in 43.05. 😊

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That’s fantastic well done πŸ‘

Thanks. Your encouragement means a lot. 😊


That's great to hear. Park runs are great and a fantastic way to surround yourself with the buzz of the running community. Sadly I have only managed one myself, I never seem to have the time on a saturday.

I wonder why you needed to try jeffing? You can run 30mins as you did in wk9, not that there is anything wrong with jeffing. Many run faster overall this way. Would it not be better to have a break after 30mins and recover for the last section?

Chad61 in reply to pinkaardvark

I had only covered 4.4k on my final C25K which included the 10 min warm up and cool down so I was concerned that I would not be able to complete the distance with just running. May be I will try running for 30 mins next week now that I have gained some confidence. 😊


Well done! It's fun isn't it?

My son and I scouts paced it a couple of weeks ago (1 minute runs with 2 minute walks). Going to up the run times next time x

Chad61 in reply to pianoteacher

Fantastic. How lovely to be able to run with your boy. My 15 yr old Son is resisting all my encouragement to run with me. πŸ˜„

pianoteacherGraduate10 in reply to Chad61

Mine's 13. He started Couch25k with me in the Easter Holidays but became a bit frustrated because his asthma was making it difficult for him and that put him off. At the time I was running the short intervals way too fast as well so that didn't help!

He's just suddenly come round to the idea - I think Parkrun helped because he sprinted the last 50m really fast and loads of people were cheering him on :-)

Chad61 in reply to pianoteacher

Sounds fantastic! Interesting, as my Son also sufferes with Asthma. Was there anything that you found during the traning that helped your Son’s asthma?

pianoteacherGraduate10 in reply to Chad61

We kept the running intervals short with a good amount of time to recover. 2 mins walking seemed too long in the first 2.5k but he needed it in the second half of Parkrun - we went a lot faster than we had done in training! I'm trying to slow him down so he can run for longer intervals but he tends to get a bit annoyed and say "this is pointless Mum we're going so slow we might as well walk" :-)

He lives with his Dad during the week and they're training together too - a bit more freestyle. I think they're going about 2.5k total and they just run until they're tired then walk. His asthma is miles better than it was when he was little anyway but hoping it will improve further by running x

Chad61 in reply to pianoteacher

That’s brilliant. Thanks for your thoughts.


Fab! Go you! πŸ˜ƒ

Chad61 in reply to Elfe5

Thanks Elfe5 πŸ‘



Chad61 in reply to Ripcurlrana71

Ta! πŸ‘

Oh well done! And because it's park run you can mix and match with your methods to find out what works best for you πŸ˜€


Well done. I hadn’t heard of that technique but it sounds really good.

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