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Christmas 6mi run

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I may have bit off more than I can chew.

I signed up for a 6 mile Christmas run a few weeks ago, knowing I should have reached or exceeded my 10K goal. As I was looking at the route this morning, I discovered that the course is anything but flat. In fact, it goes up a street into our foothills with an approximate elevation gain of 900 - 1000ft. Then descends on the other side. I haven't had much practice with many hills and am feeling a bit nervous. I don't have many hills close by to practice on, especially with that long of a climb. Any suggestions?!

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Oh wow kwell, that sounds like a fabulous run and I can only imagine how you’ll feel when you’ve completed it. 😀

No expert hill advice from me ( 🐌 ) , except for taking baby steps and leaning a little into the hill, but not too much. I’m sure a mountain goat will come along with proper helpful advice soon!

How exciting. I hope we’ll get photos! 😀😀

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kwell39Graduate10 in reply to cheekychipmunks

I am hoping I will become a mountain goat! I will definitely post pictures. If I don't post, it didn't happen! :D

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Just dial down your pace a bit. Don't go fast on the downslope.

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kwell39Graduate10 in reply to Katnap

Thanks Kat. Yes, slow and steady it will be.

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Wow, my hills are just bumps in the road in comparison to that!

If you have any sort of hill near you, you could try going up and down, up and down. But honestly, I bet there will be quite a few on the day who won't even plan to run the whole way up. If you have to walk bits you won't be alone.

Have fun!

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kwell39Graduate10 in reply to Tartancat

Yes, if I have to walk I won't be too ashamed but it would be nice to run the whole thing... even at a slug pace.

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Slow and steady 🐌 😆

I signed up for an 8 mile Christmas cracker run this Sunday, l think it's all flat though. Good luck 👍

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kwell39Graduate10 in reply to Abaggs

Thanks Abaggs and good luck to you on your 8 mile run! Let us know how it was!

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Good luck ! I find going down harder, my knees don't like it for some.e reason

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