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5k and Beyond.... How is it going this week? December 10th to the 16th


Hi there everyone and welcome to a new week of running :)

At this time of year things get very busy, so we just have to try a bit harder and perhaps take ourselves out of our comfort zones to find the time to run.

Fear not, here is a place to take five, and enjoy a chat about our running adventures, trials, tribulations, successes, achievements etc.

Sometimes we don't feel like putting a whole post up, but just want to share something small, so this is a great place for doing that during the week.

If you're a lurker it is a great place to say a little hi, without the pressure of a full post.

So pull up a chair, slip off the running shoes, and settle down for a nice bit of HU goss sharing :)

Happy running and happy panthering,

Oldfloss, Realfoodieclub, Ju-ju , Millsie-J and Roseabi


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Yes you're right.I am finding myself strenuously guarding my running slots which are regular mornings in the week. Already plotting out the 'running windows' for when I'm visiting.

Really enjoying the plan again, though very rubbish at the exercises despite beating my 15 yr old son at longevity holding the plank!

ju-ju-Administrator in reply to Empem

Oh those teenage boys are just naturals aren't they? My 17 year old can knock out 10 pull ups no probs and i have been training for over a year and I still cant do one! Well done for making your running a priority :)

Spot on Warrior of the Woods.

Get up, get out and do it, you say and lead by example.

Yes we all should take time to make running a priority of our lives that is life giving.

All the motivational magic required is here at the HealthUnlocked Running Candy Store and a golden thread that binds runners together.

May many, many souls find the gifts from running.


ju-ju-Administrator in reply to Tbae

Love it!!!!

I’m jealously guarding my running routine, the trainers come with me when I’m away. I actually look forward to running in a completely new place 😊

ju-ju-Administrator in reply to blackcatgib

perfect :)


Lovely sunny day up here....but 3 degrees C, my chilliest run yet. Gaitor firmly clamped over my mouth I headed off to do my week five 8k. For the most part it felt great, just jogging along comfortably, paying no real attention to pace or time....until I got towards the end and realised that there was just an outside chance of doing a sub one hour. The hill of death which I run up and down at the end of the run(not very steep at all really) slowed me down considerably but I was able to finish with what passes for my sprint. I failed.....8.01 in one hour and 39 seconds was Mr Garmin's verdict. Still, a PB by one minute and thirty seconds and energy left at the finish is not to be sniffed at. So glad that I decided to redo the magic 10 programme after my virus. Famous last words, but I do feel stronger this time. Exercises have definitely helped. Glass of water, flat white and a bacon butty to finish off; all is well in my world. 🐌🐌 rule ok😊

ju-ju-Administrator in reply to Beachcomber66

yay that sounds pretty good to me, well done :)


After having 3 weeks off due to a knee injury then getting man flu, I couldn’t believe how out of condition I was with no runs or circuits. Decided to restart B210K at week 4 to get back into it, did a 6K run today on my old favourite Cloud Trail route absolutely loved it . Got to get back to where I was as I was looking forward to holiday tourist runs in Costa Del Sol at new year. 😉

EmpemGraduate10 in reply to Crib

Lovely.A bit of a trip will get you up and out I'm sure

ju-ju-Administrator in reply to Crib

well done for getting back to your old routine.... and have a superb time in Spain...


We are getting snow and icy conditions some days. I don’t mind running in the cold, but ice is another thing all together! I don’t mind the humiliation of falling on my behind, but I don’t want to risk broken bones.

So wanting to do 3 runs, but honestly getting 2 runs a week in at the moment. But, as the song goes “2 out of 3 ain’t bad”.

Went out for a -13 celcius run recently, got back to the car and the batteries in the remote opener would not work because they got too cold. So now I run with them in a pocket of my long sleeve top (for warmth) rather than a pocket in my shell jacket.

Good luck and happy running to everyone.

ju-ju-Administrator in reply to Goforitmama

gosh that is really chilly, well done for getting out when you can. Stay warm and stay safe :)


Have now run 11consecutive days, including a lovely 9k jaunt over fields and footpaths this morning. I’m amazed that I’m less tired than when I was running 3-5 times a week. The runs seems to generate the energy for the next day and I look forward to them more.

Have also entered Stroke society 15k race for April, today. I can’t get to any of the venues so will have to do mine virtually.

ju-ju-Administrator in reply to FlickM3

that is superb, and I am so with you there, getting out every day energises you. Its a myth it makes you tired!!


Today I completed week 5 of 10 is the magic number. For some reason, my legs were really tired today. But for the sheer joy of completing, I persevered. It took longer to complete this 8k than it did in week 4. All the same 8k is 8k.

I did the two preceding runs indoors on the treadmill and haven’t really kept up with the strength exercise in the last week (my bad). Thinking these are the reasons I struggled today.

Oh well, I am now looking forward to week 6, it’ll be my first 9k attempt. I really want it to go well.

Thank you all for sharing and happy running runners 🏃‍♀️ 🏃‍♂️ 🙂

ju-ju-Administrator in reply to Gerilicious

superb, and as you say 8k is 8k.... not long now you are so close :)


The Santa Run is done and I'm now getting in the mood for Christmas. I promise I will keep on running for the rest of the year and beyond, but Mr Apple is telling me I am spending far too long on the forum. As life takes over with Christmas Preps, family and friends I must prioritise my time. So I wish all my VRBs a Happy Christmas and a very healthy New Year. I'll see you again when things quieten down a bit. This will be quite a test of my resolve.

Hope you all get lots of running gear from Santa


Beachcomber66Graduate10 in reply to Dexy5

Yep, have a great Christmas Dexy. New year resolutions easy for me this year: finish 10k, do a park run and then try some running in the hills in the trail shoes Santa is bringing!! Hope I am not half a stone heavier by 1 Jan!! Thanks for all of your support 🐌🐌🎅🤶

ju-ju-Administrator in reply to Dexy5

Have a wonderful running Christmas... enjoy the time :)


I’m still getting up at five thirty twice a week to get my short runs in and six thirty on a Saturday (a luxury lie in) for a longer run.

Was excused from taking the kids swimming this week so managed a 13 mile run for only the second time. It’s funny how the long runs have really become an important part of the week. I think I used to try and switch off from the working week with beer on Friday nights, and now I do it with a long run on Saturday morning instead. Definitely feel better for it.

ju-ju-Administrator in reply to tony_a

sounds wonderful, well done you :)


Did my first ever run in the dark the other day to make sure I kept to my schedule. Think it's ok for the 2 shorter runs and makes sure I get them in x

ju-ju-Administrator in reply to Oggy2401

That sounds idea, and well done too 😎


hi am on w4r1 monday 10k plan its coming along

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