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Feeling motivated...again

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After a pulled calf last week caused me to miss my last run of week4 (10 is the magic number), I then got an ear infection. Now the calf is better and the ear is on the mend, and after reading some great posts on this forum, I'm looking forward to my next run on Wednesday. The weather forecast is bad so may have to resort to the dreadmill, but i suppose it is a still a run and it's better than no run. Thanx for sharing all your exploits fellow runners, it has helped keep me focussed xx

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Enjoy the dreadmill on Wednesday, onwards and upwards for your 10 is the magic number.

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Hope it goes well tomorrow Oggy 😀

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Although I haven’t run on the treadmill since c25k , I very much appreciated it when the snow and ice were here last spring. If it keeps you running, it’s got to good.

Enjoy 😊

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Hang on in there ! It's stopped raining here so I'm going out for a run now. I'm behind on the magic 10 as well

Great to hear the calf has healed Oggy enjoy that run tomorrow in the dry 😁

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