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Keeping at it, 5k and more!


Hi everyone,

For several weeks now, I've been running, doing the 5k in less than 30 mnts, my PB was 27, but that was an exception, didn't know how it happened, and still can't do it again. But I'm happy, doing 3 to 4 runs a week, one longer run. I do 6k, 7k, and I did 7.5k last week.

It's amazing to feel that you can do better in each run, and even if I don't, I get the feeling that I'm at least building the habit of running and incorporating it in my life.

I still hope to increase mu distance and improve my pace, and getting back to what people are writing and sharing here keeps me motivated!

Thank you

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Well done on those times zeidan - sounds like you're doing great and on your way to 10k!

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