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Still a beginner but definitely a runner :-)



Thanks to everybody who gave me advice on staying motivated after graduating - I'm still consolidating but I'm following the same routine as before and really feel the habit's ingrained now.

I missed Friday but compensated with a tiny trot (1.5 miles) on Saturday instead, and have been out early this morning, right on schedule. I ran to distance not time today and measured out a lovely 3.86 mile loop on the canal and back along NCR 66. This isn't my usual terrain as I'm usually up in the hills but we're supposed to try different things whilst consolidating, aren't we? Anyway the time wasn't great (I still stop to say hello to dogs - maybe I'm not quite a proper runner yet?!) but it was comfortable, I pushed myself for speed at the end and am looking forward to doing it again!

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The main thing with consolidation is to enjoy it and keep going!! You're doing fab 👍😁


Sounds like the perfect run to me, well done and lovely pic 😎

What a stunning autumn picture! Sounds like a beautiful run 🏃‍♀️ and that is all that counts 👍


Well done you! 👏👏 Beautiful scenery too. 😍


It's beautiful. I love running by the canal. Yes, try lots of different things so you don't get bored. Having a regular run is good too though because it avoids having to think where to go. I've got a bit of a mental barrier about getting out if I can't think where to run.

I've got routes for all eventualities! The canal's not regular because it's a short drive away (at the moment... Maybe I'll be running the journey in a couple of months?) From my house there's an assortment of uphill first or uphill last routes. I'm experimenting with expanding the original circuits to add a km or so. Weekdays it tends to be roads to avoid sprained ankles in the dark, but at the weekend we go off-road so Topsy can come off her lead. My favourite route goes past my parents' house but as I'm now trotting past their front door rather than popping in for a cuppa, that's not just as popular as it was when i first started C25K! I actually love running at night in the rain up little country lanes... I think I might be slightly obsessed...

BaddieThePirateGraduate10 in reply to Sykesy64

Completely mad! I used a local trail early on, then came the day when I could run the whole thing and get the bus back, followed by the day I got the bus there and ran home (slightly downhill in that direction. I'm not daft!) Then came my 10km day when I ran there and back, followed swiftly by a 5K2C day when I discovered I could run all the way to my friend's house and lie on her couch. She's very understanding!

You will be running to the canal in time 😁👍


If you enjoy the runs.. you stop and start how you wish... go you and what a beautiful photograph :)


Consolidating is the way forward...and enjoying your new found ability which you seem to be are a proper runner now, don’t forget Laura told you so

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