Off the couch again😄

I promised Irish John that I would run yesterday with him, but changed my mind..😨. I have been on the IC with McFitty, drinking tea, eating donuts and just watching everyone else run... I had my foot treated (£55) for a verrucca 11 days ago and didn't want to risk running in case it caused me to tweak my knee or strain something.

I waited til today 'cos hubby is playing golf and I could just go out by myself at my own pace and do as much or little as I wanted. So sorry to let you down John, but I reckon Paul-runs-sometimes would have joined us too yesterday.

Brushed aside some niggly little gremlins and went out with Laura and Stepping Stones. I've been doing intervals lately with hubby so haven't actually done a full 30 mins for a little while and wanted to check that i still could.

Oh.. it felt so good to be running, I was smiling and looking around, Laura's familiar voice 'keep breathing🎵' the music said..

Five minutes done, no problems. Past the golf course and up the horse chestnut lined Holly Lane..lots of leaves and open conker cases now. Starting to gently climb..we are upping the pace says we do.

Now the short steep slope..I thought of John and his hill yesterday..he worked I dug in. My chest felt a little tight after that, but soon recovered as I turn down into the agricultural college. All good now. Over halfway says Laura. I feel relaxed and am running nice and freely now. Past the goats, just see one Llama..but is that a pig..yes a big black piggy...

I have a plan..if I do a loop in the car park it will give me a longer course and maybe i will run through the warm down walk and do 35 mins.. Its quarter to 5 and there are lots of students leaving in cars and blocking the footpaths...

Oh well, Im wearing my bright green I run down to the college gates on the road...stepping onto the verge to let cars pass, at full speed now its the last five minutes..'dddance with me'. I have something left so carry on running through the warm down to the bus stop (loads of students) where I turn and walk back across the road to home.

I did a 35 min continous run..take that gremlins😄.

Not the 40 mins John did, but I'm very pleased non-the-less. No foot pain and more than 30 mins. Nice and steady.

So looks like all systems go again. How you doing McFitty ? Any news on your strain. Sending you healing thoughts...

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  • This is so good. You are up and running again. What a pity you had to stand Irish-John up.. he is such a charmer, I feel sure it would have been a run to remember :) Nudge nudge, wink, wink !

    Love the post... I was with you.So, a good job John wasn't there.. three's a crowd and all that !

    Well done you x

  • Thanks Floss. Yes it was a good confidence building run. I thought I saw you up ahead checking for gremlins for me...x

    Next run 'prancing pony' maybe..

  • It's a woman's prerogative to change her mind, that's a fact of life 😉

    But that sounds a lovely run Jan and great news you're off the IC.

  • Thanks IP.. happy that I can still do it. You know use it or lose it..😊

  • Using it is definitely the better option 🙂

  • Glad Veronica the Verruca has departed and you're back in the running. x

  • Ha thanks Anne. I think Veronica is still lurking but not givng me any problems at the moment. I have a follow up appointment for her next month...😨 more £££. After that I will treat her myself if she is still there.

  • "Veronica the Verruca" hahaha 😂

  • Makes me feel sorry for Veronica - she'd been around so long she'd become part of the family :)

  • I thought she was a bit corny myself..😄

  • hahahahaha :D

  • It must be the month for seeing black pigs and goats Jan-now-runs! I saw them on the day I took my tumble :) I'm very jealous now, reading about your run. It sounded sublime. And I don't know how you managed it but you even made it sound soothing, if that's possible :)

    Things are looking up on my couch... as in, I stood on one leg to brush my teeth yesterday morning! It's still sore (but no longer even close to agonising), when I transfer weight onto my right leg and even sorer (is that even a word?) if I try to step up on my right leg. BUT... walking is now completely manageable and it seems to be getting less tight day by day. The excercises are helping too. I'm giving it another week to be sure, to be sure (nod to Irish-John there) ;) I can't believe you stood him up!

    So glad your verruca has been banished and you're back on the open road. I'll hopefully be joining you soon. We could make a date :-D :-D :-D

  • Lovely to hear from you McFitty..

    Sorry that you have been in so much pain ..such a nuisance. ... the leaves today were crunchy and dry...that fall really caused you problems didn't it.😵 I hope another week on the IC does the trick.

    I'd love a run date...but I'm very fickle..ask Irish-John. He is available for 40 minute runs but you must bring apples.

    Do take care, we miss you out there although you are doing a smashing job organising celebrations for all the new graduates coming through..

    Look forward to reading your' off the couch' post soon.xx

  • Glad to see you're out there again Jan-now-runs . I love your posts, your runs sound very appealing 😀

  • Thanks Biscuit0107.. Paul-runs-sometimes has been accompanying me recently and he likes to run intervals. We have been venturing out to find new places to run.

    Todays run was just for me. With Laura to prove I could still do it.. I really enjoyed it.

    Hope your running is going well.x

  • Good on you! And no worries about breaking our date ;) You could say that I'm already in a relationship anyway.

    With running.

    It's a long distance one... ;)

  • And long may it continue. Thanks John. Im setting you up with McFitty for when she is better.x

  • Excellent! :)

  • You got me at the conkers. I would have stopped running right then - the call of a nice smooth conker in my pocket is too strong to resist! Well done for sticking it out despite the gremlins. Love the idea of running around the carpark - I ran around a loop of road and cycle path twice today to up my distance before I got home. It made me feel like Flash MacQueen in trainers.

  • Yes adding little bits does fox those gremlins that lurk at your 'normal' finishing spot...wahahaha.😃

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