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Another day, another 7k ☀️


Today was my long run of the week day; and I woke up with the worst « women’s cramps » I’ve had in a very long time. Thought about not running, but then told my gremlins to go away; took a paracetomal, waited an hour, had a coffee and headed to the gym.

I decided to go for a time based run instead of a distance based run - 20 minutes comfortable pace jogging, 2 minute walk, 15 minutes comfortable jogging, 3 minute walk, 15 minutes jogging. I did most of it at 8km/h with my last 15 mins on 7.5 because I was quickly tiring!

Was pleasantly surprised to see just over 7k covered, and a MUCH lower heart rate than when I first started running.

Next for me is a pace 4K on Friday ☀️☀️☀️

Happy running, runners xx

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That’s a really good overall speed! I might try to vary my runs too...

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