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Running reflections


Hello lovely running fiends 😈

I am not posting as much about my runs these days, as well, everything is going okay (well, more than okay!) at the moment, and I don't feel I have an awful lot to share. But today's run was special in that it got me thinking about my progress, and how pleased I am that I started running. It wasn't a particularly easy run this morning – an unintentionally fast 5k in 31 mins – but I felt good and strong whilst running, and had a lovely runners' calm after (sometimes I get buzzy and high, sometimes I just feel a real sense of inner calm!) I have recently discovered the joy of negative splits, am managing to midfoot land throughout my run, and am gradually improving cadence. There is always something new to learn and improve on!

In just one year running has become very much part of my routine, as much as brushing my teeth and taking a shower. It never feels a chore, I rarely have to drag myself out there, and not going out when I have planned to is never an option. This does not mean to say that I find running easy. I do still have to work at it, and the reward for this is the occasional run where I feel light and strong and could go on forever. But I think my main achievement is having made running part of my life. It has also taught me patience. I think with many things in life we expect results too soon, or even immediately, but this does not work with running. You do have to work at it, you do have to do some strength training to support your running, and you do have to be mindful about what fuel you put in your body – and you just have to be patient. Learning patience and listening to your body can be the hardest lessons to learn, but over time, that gets easier too. And as it gets easier you get stronger.

I know I am preaching to the converted here, but as I was feeling reflective about my running year, I thought I should put my thoughts down and share as I have not been posting much lately.

Hope that you are all doing well!

Sadie-runs xxx

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Ooooh just noticed that on 31st Oct I ran for 31 minutes and 31 seconds! Spooky.

Hidden in reply to Sadie-runs

Scary! That made me giggle :) I'm just at work so I'll reply properly as soon as I get a spare moment xxx

Sadie-runsGraduate10 in reply to Hidden

😱Weird coincidence, eh?! x

OldflossAdministrator in reply to Sadie-runs


Sadie-runsGraduate10 in reply to Oldfloss

I know, right?!? 😱


Great post, well done Sadie xx

Sadie-runsGraduate10 in reply to ChrisAllen1

Thanks Chris! x


What a lovely post. I feel many of the thing you've said (though I do sometimes have to miss a run when i'm sleep deprived). You write with such wisdom and such a grounded attitude.

And what a great time and pace for your run today xxx

Sadie-runsGraduate10 in reply to FlickM3

Thank you darling Flick. I feel quite grounded in my running now. It is as much a mental game as it is a physical, I reckon. Still learning, too! xxx

A lovely post Sadie, and you're absolutely right about the patience. Running successfully doesn't happen overnight and it's something we all build up to. I really enjoy the buzz of a good run, and it makes it all worthwhile. Having said that, even runs without a buzz teach me something about myself, and there's no better time to think about things than when I'm out running and there are no distractions.

I'm not doing so well on the eating properly side of things, but I must be doing something right or I wouldn't have got this far!

Sadie-runsGraduate10 in reply to David_G

Thank you David. It's funny, I have been running for over a year now and still learning new things about it, and myself. And I agree, even the bad runs have their value. x


Lovely reflective post Sadie. Happy Haloween!🍊😊xx

Sadie-runsGraduate10 in reply to Bluebirdrunner

Thanks Jan. Happy Halloween to you too! 👻👻👻


Lovely post and so true! I often have wee reflections too and can’t quite believe how running has changed my life! Long may it continue!! 😀🏃‍♀️

Sadie-runsGraduate10 in reply to Sarakc

Thanks dear Sara. Running has made me so much more reflective. xxx


Great post and you’re absolutely right. Patience is definitely the key.

Sadie-runsGraduate10 in reply to tony_a

Thanks Tony. Patience of a saint, me. :-)

Great post Sadie. 😊

Agree with everything you’ve said and especially about the patience. I’d been getting very impatient having graduated from C25k in August but failing to be able to run 5k. However, I did that today- not in your fantastic time, but I don’t mind- maybe in another 6 months. As you say we have to work at it. I’m definitely a work in progress 😀

Sadie-runsGraduate10 in reply to Beanjo

Thank you, dear Beanjo. Patience is a beautiful thing. Plus, what's the hurry anyway? :-) It took me 7 months after graduation C25K before I started the 10k training! I was building my running legs, you see. Pace increases with time and patience – so just keep up a regular running routine and watch your fitness grow! It is like magic. xxx


lovely post, huge well done on your achievements :)

Sadie-runsGraduate10 in reply to ju-ju-

Aw, thanks ju-ju. 😎


Great post Sadie and great running too! I've noticed that when my cadence drops I'm more prone to injury but I can let it slip if I'm not mindful.

Enjoy more of these types of runs. It's what we runners yearn for x

Sadie-runsGraduate10 in reply to Irishprincess

Thanks dear IP. I didn’t have the foggiest what even cadence meant a few months ago. Legs definitely feel fresher after a run when I have increased cadence, so it seems to work! Hope all is well with you. xxx

IrishprincessGraduate10 in reply to Sadie-runs

I know! A whole different world, this running thing x


What a super post...thank you!

It echoes what I and many of us feel... and like you.... one of the best things I have patience. :) The feelings you describe..just perfectly... and I wish you many, joyful and happy runs like the ones you are having right now:) xx

Sadie-runsGraduate10 in reply to Oldfloss

Thanks Flossie dear. I love how we continue to learn about running the more we do it, so interesting! I even don’t get too annoyed by the less than joyful runs now. A run is a run, and every now and then a joyful run happens! xxx

OldflossAdministrator in reply to Sadie-runs

It is so, so true... :)x


That’s very spooky Sadie-runs. You couldn’t have done that if you’d tried. Congratulations on your runniversary and thank you also for the encouragement you have given me on this running journey. I love reading your London parks posts. 🏃‍♀️👏 👻 🎃

Sadie-runsGraduate10 in reply to Dexy5

Thanks Dexy. So random, the 31:31 time! Freaked me out! Your running journey has been a joy to watch, you are such an inspiring runner.

Next spring my new mission will be to run in every one of London’s Royal Parks! That will be fun. 😊 xxx


An excellent target.

What a beautiful post Sadie xx

Sadie-runsGraduate10 in reply to Sadiemac

Thanks Sadie. 😊 Hope you are doing well! xxx


Lovely reflective post Sadie!! You sound really contented at the mo which is lovely. I am learning patience as I agree running demands it.

Keep enjoying Sadie :) :)

Sadie-runsGraduate10 in reply to Lorijay

Thanks Lorijay. 😘 It’s nice to step back and reflect on this running lark now and then. Happy running to you too. xxx


Hi Sadie,

Thanks for posting this, you know I was after an update :P

It's such an encouraging read, and as always full of wisdom. It's pretty much exactly a year give-or-take-a-day from when I graduated from C25K, so I've been thinking a lot as well. I love that running has now become an integral part of your life, and I know I've taken a lot of encouragement from hearing about your "journey" (what is this, the x-factor or something?), and there have been dark moments for me where I've felt like running wasn't for me and I should just accept the inevitable and give up, where a little word of encouragement from you has made all the difference.

I'm totally with you on the patience thing too. At the beginning of C25K 9 weeks felt like a long time, I wanted to run NOW without all the effort of training for 9 weeks. But somehow I stuck with it, and really surprised myself when I graduated. I was secretly gutted that I didn't graduate around the same time as you, but at the same time tremendously proud of you, and thrilled to have been able to travel this 10k journey with you. What was I saying? Oh yes! Patience. What clicked for me is that patience doesn't have to be waiting around for nothing to happen. It's about learning to be happy with your current state, whilst slowly changing it. That way, running, and anything in life for that matter, is so much more enjoyable.

I'm hoping to go out myself later as I'm off today, so I'll post about that, as I tend to :)

I'm so pleased to have read your post, and am thrilled to hear about your running year. Thank you for being an awesome best virtual running buddy!

Neil xxx

Sadie-runsGraduate10 in reply to Hidden

Well, I beat you to the finish line of C25K, and you beat me to the finish line of B210K, so we're even, right?! 😁Thank you for your lovely, thoughtful reply. It is great to have a buddy who has a similar timeline as you; someone to check in with now and again. I am so glad you persisted to – worth it, right? :-) Plus I don't know what I would have done without you! Hope you had a lovely run today; have been scanning the site for a report, so maybe you haven't been yet?

Sadie xxx

Hidden in reply to Sadie-runs

Awwww I think that comment deserves a ❤️!! I’m touched that I’ve been useful, I don’t often feel useful these days, but this forum and you in particular have been a lifeline to me. Yes, I’m glad I persisted too, totally worth it!

Just sitting on the bed, I went out to do another 5k, came back after 11.something!! I’ll report on that later. Hope you’re having a good day xxx

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I'm hijacking this post because your words have rung in my ears, not so much about running but with other aspects of my life. I'm studying just now and there are a number of life changes on hold until... It can be very frustrating at times and I do worry that I'll wake up and wonder where the time had gone and how my babies babies so big.

Particularly your comment about "learning to be happy with your current state", I only hope I can need your wise advice.

It's great, as always, to see you both doing so well and supporting each other the way the way we couchers do!!

Very best to you both xx 😁

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