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Faced with a problem


I've graduated C25k and been determined to keep up the discipline and momentum to get to 10K.

I've had a niggling right Achilles since W5 and this week I've developed an intermittent pain on the inside of my right knee. Ive had to turn for home and stop twice this week 🙄

Is it time for the Gait Analysis? Has anyone else seen a significant change after that? I don't want to seem over keen at this early stage, I'm only bobbling along not really running at any great pace. Feel fed up this morning I barely got through a warm up walk before pain struck ☹️

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Absolutely yes! My OH found great relief in his new shoes due to over pronation and I had niggley Achilles for which I was ‘prescribed’ Adidas solar boost shoes, which have a cut out slot at the back - very comforting. Our local running store is wonderful - hope you find relief too


Definitely! It does make a difference☺


It’s still early days, just 9 weeks in. you will maybe get niggles til your legs are built, which takes quite some time. Strength in your legs and feet will make things much better

Obviously get some new shoes if yours are overdue. Some shoes come a little too high up the back of the heel, or have a stiff heel counter, both can cause rubbing on the Achilles. I try for a low slung shoe and one with a soft heel counter. you can apply Vaseline to the Achilles before putting socks on

If you are experiencing niggles or pain that doesn’t go away (and now seems to have a knock on effect) I think it’s time for new shoes, and/or depending on severity, a trip to dr/physio. If your current shoes are not really the right ones they could be the cause of your present complaints.

You’ve been given some good advice above and, if they work, the links below give a more in-depth view. If the links don’t work you can find them on c25k, Pinned Posts, FAQ (by IannodaTruffe). Hope you get sorted soon.




Achilles niggles are very common, lots out there if you google. Otherwise get it checked out by a sports osteo or physio if no improvement as you may need to strengthen certain areas that are weak.... don’t run on pain, never a good idea...

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