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Poetic running for sanity

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On Thurs I achieved my 2nd 10k (74 mins). Am very chuffed as I was in such a foul mood I had no intention of running! A difficult situation at work triggered it, yoga & mindfulness on getting up didn't work so I reluctantly put on my trainers & set out.

I can honestly say that as I ran there was a tangible sense of lightness and as I mulled things over it became clear that I couldn't change the situation and needed to accept it and move on. Oh and the canal path was stunning, quiet and energising.

I'm a wordy creature being a linguist and amused myself as I often do by describing the run in my mind. This time I turned the random musings into a poem, mainly to remind myself of one of the main reasons why I run. It doesn't have a title but I'm tempted to call it 'Nihil Illegitimi Carborundum'! Wishing you all peaceful runs. X

Dark, tired, brooding. Not today.

Ignore the light, fritter away time

A little voice, a yearning:

Run for your sanity, free your mind

Deserted and alluring, the towpath

Glittering with autumn's discarded jewels

Dissonant thoughts pervade

Trust your feet, follow the trail

Rhythmic footfall, breath of life

Without warning, a gust sends showers

Of lime, hazel and birch confetti

The triumphant bride runs through

Frustration evaporates into the ether

The veil of darkness has lifted

Thankful for the light in this annual decay

Gratitude for life on this beautiful day.

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One of the reasons I run now is for sanity! 👍 it works! 😁☀️

I've seen the light... and it's on the trails and paths of natures' delight 💗

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SlinkymalinkiGraduate10 in reply to GoGo_JoJo

It certainly is and we are being spoilt with this glorious autumn weather! 🍁☀️🏃‍♀️

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GoGo_JoJoModerator in reply to Slinkymalinki

Oh we certainly are. It was so beautiful today I was grinning like a fool and near tears at one point with the splendour all around! Long may it continue! 👍☀️😁

Beautiful words.👏👏

Well done on your 10K and finding contentment and gratitude.


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SlinkymalinkiGraduate10 in reply to Tbae

Thank you. The positivity is staying with me - thank goodness!!

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Tbae in reply to Slinkymalinki

Lovely composition.🌟

Not the point , but interesting also,🤔 the composition will impact on your running concentration, 🤔 Ho hum, but it just indicates potentially to you, your already good 10K time. 👍👏👏

Take good care of you.


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Lovely, just lovely. Running can feel really meditative sometimes, especially the long runs. Time to connect with nature, and yourself as a part of nature. Bliss. Well done on your 2nd 10km, Slinky. 10k is starting to be my favourite distance now. xx

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SlinkymalinkiGraduate10 in reply to Sadie-runs

Thanks, Sadie. I'm surrounded by beautiful countryside and no longer listen to music when I run. I like being enveloped in nature. Not sure whether 10k will ever be a favourite distance though!

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Sadie-runsGraduate10 in reply to Slinkymalinki

Ah, give it time...you will be surprised! Lovely you have such beautiful countryside to run in. 😻 xxx

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Lovely slinkymalinki, Sometimes you’ve just got to get away from everything else and lose yourself in your run. I’m very impressed that you can compose a poem in your head while running. Well Done on your second 10k. Don’t run too far off- I’m on my way. 🏃‍♀️.............🏃‍♀️

Slinkymalinki profile image

I can hear you softly creeping up on me - I'm not far. Only certain lines of the poem were in my head during the run. I spent a couple of days mulling it over but it was as cathartic as the run! x

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