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Bursitis help ☹️

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I had been following the consolidation podcasts after graduating C25K, all was going well until I picked up what I originally thought was a groin strain but now think is bursitis. I have obviously stopped running but am still walking with my dog to keep my fitness up.

When moving my hip feels better however when I sit down in the evening or when I get out of bed in the morning I seize up and it’s really quite painful. Has anybody got any experience, tips or advice they can offer? I obviously don’t want to undo all the hard work but obviously I don’t want to prolong the injury either. Help!!!

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Ouch...best advice..go and get it checked out ...a sports physio will help.😊

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Ouch... get it checked out and take care :)

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I had hip bursitis when I finished C25K 5 months ago. It was very frustrating so I can totally understand how you feel. First thing in the morning was worst and it was very uncomfortable getting up the stairs. I saw an osteopath and he did manipulation, ultrasound and acupuncture on it, and he also told me no running for at least a week. I slowly got back to careful running but it was another month before I did Parkrun again. I did, however, in the meantime, carry on with non-impact work at the gym, such as cycling and cross-trainer.

As the others have said, it’s best for you to get checked out by a professional, as this is just my personal experience. It still hasn’t totally gone away so I have to be a bit careful but it is much better. All I can say is, no matter how much you want to, try not to overdo it! I just pushed myself too much as my head forgot I was 50!

Hope you are on the mend very soon 🤗

Thanks for taking the time to post. I last ran last Wednesday when it felt ok at the time but once back it actually became worse. Today I’ve taken ibuprofen for the first time which has helped quite a bit.

It is frustrating, I was doing the consolidation podcasts and not actually sure what happened but must have pulled something. I’m still keeping up my distance walking the dog but will try cycling as well. Has it held back your running/distance at all or have you progressed since graduating C25K?

I’ve put the feelers out for a sports physio to see what they advise and will go from there. In the evening and first thing in the morning I feel like a 90 year old!! 🙄

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TailChaserGraduate10 in reply to Notanaturalrunner

No, you’ll be pleased to know it hasn’t held me back at all. I’ve just taken longer to progress, but I have progressed 😊

We are all in the IC at some point as we all get something or trip over something, pull something etc. After runs early on after seeing the Osteopath, I put a freezer block on my hip to help reduce any swelling that might have been building up. I used Ibuprofen gel as the tablets never seem to make much difference with me (don’t know why!). I’ve not had to do that in a while but I have made sure not to overdo it and I listen to my body a bit more.

Like you I tried the consolidation podcasts but I think I did them too early on. I’ve just spent the last 5 months building my strength up, learning what is best for my body. It’s only the last couple of weeks that I’ve really started pushing myself again and I’ve been pleasantly surprised how much I can now push it, but I’m also not so hell bent on a final target because...well...I can run now, and so can you!

You won’t feel like a 90 year old forever, just be kind to yourself 😊

Thanks, your post has cheered me up plus the ibuprofen has eased things today. Will try the gel too at some point.

Will keep taking it easy but will be chomping at the bit to get running asap. Fingers crossed 😉🤞

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Hi , I have had hip bursitis , I feel your pain . I originally went to the Docs with it , and he sent me for an X Ray . That came back all clear so I went to a sports physio. He told me not to run for 2 weeks and gave me some exercises to do ( Bridges and Clams you can find them on You Tube )

I went back the week after and he gave me a massage which reduced me to tears ! After that , he gave me some more exercises and then within a further 2 weeks or so, I could run pain free .

I would highly recommend you seeing a sports physio to get it checked out .

Hope you’re all sorted soon . Good Luck ! 😀 xxx

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