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Where's the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness?

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Well I have to admit not feeling very positive about this autumn...

Work (as always) is at it's busiest. I had the first proper bone aching, head pounding, nose running, chest hacking cold I've had in years and storm Callum turns up!

Still despite the pouring rain I was determined to get out there today after two weeks of mini jogs around various cold symptoms and evening runs in the dark. So it was on with the rain jacket (pretty ineffective after about 3k in the driving rain) and off I went.

The result? The wettest feet I've ever had (think water squelching out of shoes at every step), a lost path as I squinted through vertical rods of rain, clothes soaked through to underwear and the need for a hot bath and hot chocolate before my hands worked properly again!

And - weirdly - an enjoyable 10k 🏃‍♀️ 🌨 😊

Happy running out there.

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Fab photos and sounds like a great run! I love a wet, squelchy run but you're right about the jackets - they cease to be effective after a few k of constant rain! I'm off out this afternoon and forest is grey but dry-ish!

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DebJogsOn in reply to Sandraj39

Hope you managed to dodge the rain!

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Well done Deb....oooo, it’s lovely getting into warm water when you’re cold to the bone, enjoy your hot chocolate, you deserve it after that! x

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DebJogsOn in reply to Mummycav

Absolutely no guilt about it at all after that run! 😋☕

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I think there is tiny wee masochist in all of us, yours likes to be drenched and cold :) Well done you for getting out there despite the weather and your cold!

Not sure drenched and cold is really my thing - I am definitely a fair weather runner - but if the choice is wet running in the morning in daylight or dry running in the evening in the dark I'll put up with the rain 😖

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Hats off to you . Managed a happy wet one this morning but only a fraction of the distance. I wanted to prove to myself somehow that I could motivate myself in challenging conditions and not roll over with tea and papers in bed!

Hello DebJogsOn, Ages ago you sent me a very helpful post when I was struggling with motivation, shortly after my C25k graduation, which was much appreciated. Thank you again. It is nice to read a few posts from you after such a while. I read your one about getting rugby tackled by a 5 year old and this one. Sounds like running continues to be your thing whatever the weather. I am amazed to hear how you ran 10k in heavy rain!!!!! I seem to have decided that heavy rain means do Joe Wicks High Intensity Interval Training Beginners video rom the internet instead. Perhaps when I read of more wet running posts I may change my mind, but that is my plan at the moment. All the best for your with your onward running journey.

So pleased to hear you felt encouraged by a response from me!

The autumn term puts lots of obstacles in the way of me getting out to run (rugby tackling 5 year olds being one of them 😂). Running in the rain isn't my favourite thing but I so look forward to getting in a longer daylight run at the weekend (often after dark evening runs during the week) that I'm almost prepared to go out in any weather. Evening running really confines me to pavements and I do like a bit of variety.

Hope you're still enjoying your running when it's not raining!

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over61andstilltryingGraduate10 in reply to DebJogsOn

Yes thank you! I really am enjoying running and all the variety it offers. Different routes, intervals, longer distances, speed, Parkruns, even podcast listening. I read that you are a primary head so a very busy lady! Great that you are finding space for running and enjoying it too. I was a school maths teacher, but now tutor at home from 4-7pm ish. Consequently, I have a fair amount of freedom about when I run. Hoping to do my longest run on Wednesday of 7k, which I plan to give myself as a birthday present! I shall be 62 (yikes) on Thursday. I am considering my second Parkrun on Saturday as a further birthday present, but I only want to take part if I can improve on the time I achieved on my first one. It is quite a trek over to the Parkrun compared to just running from our door. The people around me on my first Parkrun, back in early August, must have pulled me along!!! Happy running to you!

Good luck with your 7k!

And happy birthday 😊

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over61andstilltryingGraduate10 in reply to DebJogsOn

Thank you! 😊

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