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Since my graduation, few months ago, I have been running two times on average a week - 5K each. I ran a number of times outdoors (and many times on a treadmill). In my last park run, I ran in a new route and I think I've injured myself. I did not feel that I exerted myself too much even though I did the run in 24:48 minutes which is two minutes better than previous park runs. However, the route there was on Asphalt road (not on grass as I am used to). I assume the impact was high on my knees. Two days later I have pain in my exterior part of my knee when I walk. I suspect it is Iliotibial Band Syndrome (I've learnt the term from the internet obviously). I wonder if you guys advise me to continue running carefully or just to stop and rest for the time being. The thing is when I walk the pain dies away so I feel I still can run but I am worried if this will have a negative impact on my recovery. Just thought to learn from your experience if you had a similar problem before.

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Most runners experience pain in their knees at some stage as it's the weakest point in the system.

Try the knee strengthening exercises here:

When I experienced knee pain I did these exercises every day, went running every other day but at a slower pace and for only 20 minutes. Easing off slightly while strengthening my leg muscles resolved my issues in a week, however, listen to your body! Hope you're better soon.


Your time is extremely fast, so you must have been really pounding the pavement. Having said that, Ive never injured my knees running, despite one knee being a mangled mess, but I’ve hurt it many times walking. Could 5hat be the case with you. Would strapping it help? And proceeding carefully.

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