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B210K W5R1 5K with glutes and run/walk intervals


Had a hard time getting going today. Couldn't decide where to run or what to do, then remembered when I got back from my last run I was excited to try intervals. So I did the first day from the App 10K Runner. I did my trusty old route so I didn't have to think about it and once I'd completed my intervals I was about half way through a 5K run, so turned round and ran home. VERY interestingly despite all the walking, and feeling exhausted on the return journey it was my 2nd fastest 5K. Weird!

I did try and focus on glutes, and skateboarding motion too.

Happy to have done it. Now I have to plan my next long run...

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Don’t worry, the change is exhausting at first but I soon adapted and it’s so much more comfortable running now. Well done! 👏👏👏

I have a love/hate relationship with intervals. I know how good they are, especially if you want to improve your pace, so it's good that you enjoyed them.

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Enjoyed trying something new. Not sure if I actually like them, but excited to get faster so will do some more 🔜

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