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W4 of B210K completed


I found a more local jogging group and went out with them today. Thoroughly enjoyed it. They were doing 5km, but I arranged to stop at 4km as that is what I needed to do to complete my 4th week..

I was all hyped up and ready to run in the rain, but to my great delight it came out sunny. Happiness'

After the discussions on here about using glute muscles I did the bridge exercise first thing this morning to work out which ones I'm supposed to be engaging, then ran imagining I was holding a pound coin between my B hind cheeks. Surprisingly it felt graceful.

I added the idea of the skateboard movement and landing on the front part of my foot. Interesting.

I also tried to get glute power to run up the steps and hills we tackled today. It will be interesting to see if those muscles feel like they've been used in a day or do.

Thanks everyone for interesting discussions and tips. Wish I could go straight back out and run some more right now as there are other things I want to try. Gosh, how I've changed!

Right, off for a hot shower and to do the washing.

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Well done Baddie , another week done ✅. Yes I tried the glutes squeeze at parkrun but couldn’t keep it going long. I do it at Pilates but it’s different doing it on the run. Oldfloss’s piston arms made quite a difference though and I will do that again next run.


Go Baddie!! Sounds like you’ve had a great time! Putting those new skills to work!! And it certainly seems to have done that. Great idea about the running group too. I’ve found out about a local one once a week in the evening, but I have not been able to go yet. That would certainly make winter running feel more safe and enjoyable. Well done you!! 😁❤️

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