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Hi everybody

I have been diagnosed with an MCL tear in my knee just wondering if anyone else has suffered this and how long it took to heal. I am continuing to lightly jog on a treadmill and use a cross trainer (as advised by my GP) but want to get back out on the roads. Is there anything I can do to help the healing process. I am wearing heavy duty strapping during the day.

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Hi Sue, I had what I think was a grade 2 last November. It was exacerbated by happening the day before I was due to fly to Cuba for a holiday, so it didn’t get properly rehabbed at the time. I was able to go back to parkrun (run / walking rather badly) after 4 weeks. I have to say it took about 6 months before it had full range of movement back (e.g. able to bring heel up to bottom) and even now I am running a minute per kilometre slower than my previous pace. Some of that may just be mental now, I am trying to work on it! Worth mentioning I am early 60s so expect recovery times to be a bit slow.

Sue1421 in reply to Coddfish

Hi Coddfish. Thanks for replying. I have had the injury for roughly 4 weeks before it was diagnosed and every time I felt it was better I went running again so probably made it worse. I am 54 so not expecting anything immediate but dr thought about 6 months too. Good to know it will eventually ease and I am able to still do a little bit of exercise. Thanks again. Glad your ok now you have given me hope.

Sue1421 in reply to Coddfish

Sorry forgot to ask, when did you know you could start running/ walking again?

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