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Gutted... calf injury... what to do while healing?


I have been plodding away, enjoying my running - the picture is from my regular 10k route - but today my calf muscle decided it didn’t want to play anymore. Luckily I was at the gym so didn’t need to limp all the way home. So I’m now sitting with my leg elevated, icing every hour and taking ibuprofen. Ho hum. I’m going to be sensible as I’ve signed up for a 10k in December. In the meantime though, what can I do to keep my fitness up? I really really don’t want to have to start again from the beginning. All advice appreciated!

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How did you hurt it? Were you running in the gym or was it doing something else?

Did you get a full on popping where you felt the tear or did it just get tight quickly? It could just be a cramp?

I was running on the treadmill when it happened... I thought it was cramp to begin with so I tried stretching it out. It’s still painful now though so I reckon it’s a pulled muscle 🙁

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Sorry to hear that, those running machines are evil.


Ouch I feel your pain! I’ve been suffering from a calf strain last month and it’s no fun. I iced etc like you for first 48 hrs. I continued with kettlebells/weights/ab work. I stopped running for a week then eased back into it.

I found calf stretching exercises really helpful also foam rolling. But getting a couple of deep tissue massages really helped.

Everything is much better now. I have to say the week of not running really helped. Oh tiger balm, Epsom salt baths and warm compress also helped with pain.

Sending you best wishes to a speedy recovery. Lots seem to be injured at the mo. 😔

Thanks for all the advice... much appreciated. I will also try the foam rolling and tiger balm!


Get checked out by a sports physio..a deep sports massage can be torture but helpful...I had acupuncture too..after my minor calf tear...loads of upper body strength and stamina exercise to do as well...and..exercise using only one..uninjured leg😉

Thanks for the tips.... I was lying in bed trying to work out what could I do that didn’t use my legs and it’s not a lot! I think I’ll just focus on trying to walk for the next couple of days!


I leave alone apart from ice and raising up slightly. Time and rest. If it’s nowt serious it won’t take long. A micro tear can take three weeks

Ask at the gym what you can be doing Bicep curls 🤷‍♀️ The gym peeps will know. Some weights and lifts still use the legs to varying degrees so you have to take care 🙂

Thanks for the advice... I will ask when I next go in. I might leave it for a while though!

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