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I’m a runner!!


So this is my first proper post and it’ll be a quick one but I have just got back from a run with the local running club!! My sister is a member and has been bugging me to go for ages but I thought “well that’s just for proper runners not me!” So if you’d have told me this time last year or even told my 16year old, rather overweight self that I would be running now, being able to breathe and talk, and actually enjoying it, I would have laughed in your face!!!

(C25K graduated in June, few park runs and trying to keep up regular running but approx 6weeks off in the summer hols!)

Tonight, 6.5k done in 43mins with stops for safe road crossing. Running with other people is so great! Haven’t had this high since graduating with my first ParkRun. 😆

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I love my club so much too 👌🏽


Well done you... !

So lovely to hear the joy in your writing! Well done you! I am considering joining a small running group, even if I may only be able to make it once a month. If I could have the fun that you seem to have had, well! That would be very good indeed. I have also been away a lot during the Summer, can not imagine that I could bounce back like you. Perhaps you are a young one! All the very best with your next runs! 😊


Sounds brilliant. Glad you went out with the ‘real’ runners

Thanks all 🙂 It gave me the umph I need to keep up the effort and remind me how far I’ve come. Yes 61andtrying I’m a fairly ‘young one’ at 30 but have never been active enough before. Keep it up everyone!


Well done you! You are a proper runner feel your achievement.


Wow! Great run! Well done 👍


Brilliant! Have also plucked up the courage to join my local club...first run a week on Monday. Fingers crossed it goes as well as yours! 🤞🏻

LW88 in reply to Saartjie

I’m sure you’ll find someone nice to run with, good luck though I’m sure you won’t need it!


fabulous, well done :)

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