Great South Run training✔️ and my son's a "proper runner"!

Second 13k run done this morning, so feeling very pleased with myself🙂. Can't say it was all easy going but I plodded on, part road work and part trail. It was lovely out this morning here; overcast, a few degrees cooler than of late and a nice breeze! Still haven't really addressed extra fuel whilst running but seemed OK with a little water and a couple of blackberries snatched from a bush as I passed by!! (Good ol' nature's larder!). So far, legs feeling better than the first time I did this distance - and have been out on the bike too this afternoon to accompany my 12yr old son who has just done his first 25 minute run on the programme. Magic moment when he turned to me at the end and said "She said I'm a proper runner!" Laura, I love you! 😀

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  • Fab stuff Sandra and so you should be pleased with yourself! That's a great distance.

    And how lovely that your son is feeling the love too 😊 🎼 tell Laura I love her 🎼

  • How lovely to have the breeze today! Great achievement getting to 13k you are entering a new zone now you are going beyond 10k! 😊Great that your son has caught the running bug too. 😊

  • Well done Sandra !

    Oh its all coming together nicely isn't it , fab ! :-)

    Aw your son , that is so sweet xxx

  • Ah, thats so lovely!

  • Well done and great that the legs feel better this time.

  • Sounds like excellent progress Sandra. You're doing so well that GSR will be a great run for you! Very well done to your son too!😊

  • Fantastic, well done to you on 13k, fab! I grabbed a few blackberries today too, made me laugh, seemed like such freedom to be running and eating blackberries..keep up the great work and your son too:)

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