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Magic number 10... 8k hooray!


So well into the 10k program and am thrilled to bits that I ran 8k this morn! I posted once a week through C25k but this is my first for the 10k plan as the end on the summer hols has been hectic and it is enough effort to just keep running, but had to post today as i feel the 8k is a real turning point. As with c25k I started off not sure if I was capable of getting to the end but now I see the 10k in sight! A few more weeks will do it!

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Fantastic achievement, a few weeks and you will be sporting the badge of honour, do hope I’ll soon be on the podium too!


Hello ELB2, Welcome to this side of the house. 8k is brilliant so a big well done. Do introduce yourself to juju on her pinned post, if you haven’t already - she’ll be pleased to see someone else succeeding on her magic plan. 🏃‍♀️👏


hurray! totally get the back to school pandemonium. 8K is a way off for me yet so I am mighty impressed. Good luck with the rest of the bridge!


That is SO GOOD. Well done, what an achievement. 10k here you come!

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