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Running with the three tenors


Thanks to all for your encouragement. This morning I ran 6km, my first run of more than 5. I have been running without headphones, but today I felt I needed something to take my mind off what I was doing, so I selected the three tenors World Cup concert (1990). If I’d just been about 30 seconds faster I’d have crossed the (imaginary) finish line to Pavarotti’s high C at the end of Nessun Dorma - felt like Chariots of Fire!

I have realised that, for me, just setting off and seeing how I feel doesn’t seem to work. If I run my usual 3k route, thinking I’ll carry on if I feel like it, my legs seem to give up at the 3k point. If I decide before I set off that I’m going to run further, I find my legs can carry me well beyond the 3k point no problem.

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Well done YamCat. You are doing brilliantly. The music you play can have a great effect on your running and your pace. That piece certainly worked for yoI.


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