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A little reminder for your safety and security

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Just a little reminder to all our new members.

Your safety is very important to all of us that work within this forum and we want you to enjoy your experience while here and feel safe

We can guide you on dos and don’ts that keep you safe but ultimately it is up to yourself to make sure you only share information that you are comfortable with complete strangers knowing

You have some anonymity in the fact you can have a user name that has no links at all with you as a person but all that anonymity is useless if you then post a run somewhere online Garmin, strava, or the like that shows where your front door is.

If you don’t want all that information in the public domain please check your privacy settings of the apps you use.

If we see anything we are worried about on this forum we would always message you to ask if you wanted to share that much and usually we delete any posts that have email addresses in them

We are so lucky to have this wonderful safe place to share our journeys and nothing has happened to change that. We just wanted to remind you to always look after yourselves online. Happy running

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A useful reminder RFC, thank you.

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Good point well made.

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