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Bridge to Madness Week 6 - Check, sort of


I said I might give it a rest this week in Ju-Ju's week 3 roundup, following Saturday's Parkrun where I had a teeny calf twinge after 500m which suggested it would not be good to push ……. resulting 26'04" was not bad in the circs, but the muscle was very tight for most of the day.

However, with Dexy5 now embarked on the Bridge and into W2, I thought I would accompany her for her 3k run (20'07"), on completion of which it seemed sensible to keep my options open by doing the extra k and counting it as my short run - didn't risk any fartlek sprints but managed 5'19", for a total of 25'26".

And then today, after 6k together in 45'23", it would have been pointless, given a total lack of twinges, not to add the 3k I needed for my W6 long run - done in 5'39", 5'30" and 5'15" for a 9k total of 61'50" - my first run over 8k since a treadmill plod 4 years ago, and my first run of over an hour since the Great South Run in 1997.

The pic, if I've beaten the technology, shows cadence, heart rate and pace graphs for the 9k - it is interesting (I think :-) ) to note that cadence varied within much the same narrow bounds for both parts of the run, meaning the increase in pace was pretty much all down to stride length. The chasm in the pace line (at 4.5k) shows where someone's hat fell off :-) .

Anyway, that's W6 - outside 6' per k target pace for the long run, and no speed work on the short, but I think I'll claim it anyway - onward and upward!

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Of course you should claim it UpTheStanley! Glad the calf twinges seem to have eased. 😊🏃‍♂️❤️

Did you see Ripcurlrana71 ’s post today about her recent tight calves and the Physio suggesting chi running?

UpTheStanleyGraduate10 in reply to mountaindreamer

I'd half-clocked it, but just went back to it and did some thinking - I've posted a reply on that thread now. So many thanks for the nudge, and good luck with the back.

mountaindreamerGraduate10 in reply to UpTheStanley

Thanks - back’s been ongoing for about 20 years, so I just try to work around it’s bad behaviour! 😂❤️

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