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The thrill of the chase.


I came to running after many, many years as a 'Couch potato'. At school, I had always been involved in many sports but then the attraction seemed to wane, when I reached university.

A physiotherapist friend suggested I take up running and it has , no doubt, saved and hopefully prolonged my life. She recommended taking part in a Half Marathon. The challenge was set and so I started training and after a few months I completed the Bristol Half Marathon.

Running has given me so much but the person to whom I owe such thanks is that physiotherapist friend. She proved to be the catalyst I needed to get me off the couch and to train. Now I'm hooked. This is one addiction, which I hope to continue for many years and I intend also to spread the word to as many people as I can.

Please keep spreading the word to your friends and acquaintances.

The sense of well-being, which running has engendered in me has been life changing, as I'm sure many of you have found out for yourselves. Not only does it enable an individual to improve his or her body image but it leads on to so many other worthwhile causes. I now run in support of MNDA and in memory of my uncle, who succumbed to MND.

Keep running, keep training and savour every moment of the great life forces, which running engenders.

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That’s a great post Grenoble12. I read this week that Parkrun has become the running church with the community feeling it embraces. We go every week and cheer each other on. Running has certainly changed my life and hopefully it will prolong it too.

grenoble12 in reply to Dexy5

Well done, Dexy5, and keep running. Thank you for your message.


So, what are you training for now then? (She asked nosily)

Totally agree with the sentiment of your post😃

Hello, Miss Wobble, I have only just picked up your post. I still run to keep physically and mentally fit. It`s a kind of escapism from the pressures of everyday life and it`s extremely beneficial for most areas of health. The physical benefits are clear but the effects on maintaining a well-balanced , forward-looking and positive outlook on life are tremendous. I`m so pleased that I have engaged in this life-changing venture.

misswobbleGraduate10 in reply to grenoble12

Me too. It's good !

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