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Some forum stats to share


I thought I would share some metrics with you today. I keep saying how much we have grown but the metrics we get show us the volume of how much. Thank you all so much for your support that you have shown about the changes.

C25K forum

August 2015. - 481 new members

August 2016. - 903

August 2017. - 1,838

August 2018. - 2,673

Bridge to 10km forum

August 2015. - N/A. The forum hadn’t been created yet.

August 2016. - 50 new members

August 2017. - 252

August 2018. - 525

I find these figures humbling as I think of all the runners we all help to create on a monthly basis.

Well done to all of you for all your tireless encouragement and support of each other.

Have a great weekend

Rfc x.

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Wow! Thanks for sharing, RFC - and for all your hard work. 😘


Just back from a Parkrun - everyone I spoke to had heard of us. I tell my story, and it's as if I was some sort of holy running guru. Which is daft, but awesome too.

Everyone associated with C25K, especially the staff and founders, should be very very proud of this. God bless you all.

That is amazing! I am not sure how you admins manage to keep up, but well done to you all :)

Oh and well done to us all for being so great!


Thank you for that Rfc. We wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for all the work the admins do on this forum and the encouragement and support we get from you all. Thank you so much.

Wow - that's amazing. Much respect and than a to those on the admin team who all clearly work so hard.


Amazing! ... Brilliant! Thank you for sharing the stats with us.


Thanks for sharing that with us RFC, and thanks to you all for spending so much time making it work.


Wow.... what a lot we got :) xxx


Love this Realfoodieclub just fab to see how many people are benefitting from each other’s support, this forum is better than any other social media site EVER!!! I have a whole new family 😍 xxx

It would be better if you literally created runners. In a lab. That would be awesome.

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