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First 5K run done and looking for the 10!


Hello group! I'm new here - a later-in-life runner. I completed the 5K program in early August and have been diligently continuing with the 5K+. Did my first official 5K run on Aug. 25th (it was tough going - hot 25C with relentless sun on black asphalt). But I finished with a time of 33:40 (not last!). Now I need/want a new goal to keep me motivated (apart from improving my 5K time) and 10K is it. Not sure if a mid-late October date is too ambitious?

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Hi Karin - I'm later in life too and graduated at the end of July. I did my 1st 10k today, by accident not by design. I'm aiming to do a proper 10k 'race' mid October. In the meantime I would recommend running 3 times a week - do a park run on Saturday and two other longer runs during the week - focus on increasing the distance by 10% a week and don't worry about the time - speed will come with distance. Have fun!


Hi Karin,

I also graduated in July, and also did my first 10k this morning. Getting to 10k isn’t like doing C25K. You are already a runner, so you can expect to make good progress. I used the '10 is the magic number' plan which you can find on this forum. I started at week 2 and missed week 5 as it's a repeat of week 4. Week 6 includes a 9k, so this morning I did that one and just kept on running to 10k. Good luck!

KarinJRGraduate10 in reply to telford_mike

You're so right about this not being like the C25K. I can hardly believe it. I started it, and am in week 3. Did a 7K run last night (it was going to be my 3.5 K as I had already done the Parkrun 5K on Saturday). Well - I felt I could keep going, and so I did! And I could probably have gone longer. What a revelation! Congrats to you for having done the 10K!

telford_mikeGraduate10 in reply to KarinJR

Nice going! It really is astonishing how quickly you make progress. Good luck getting to 10k!


Welcome Karin. Check out the 10 is the Magic Number plan on the pinned posts and jump onboard :)

KarinJRGraduate10 in reply to paulanoo

thanks for the suggestion - I am aboard!


Hi KarinJR, I’ve just joined the magic plan too. I’m 60 and graduated in May and I have just been doing up to 5ks so far. But yesterday, spurred on by the success stories from my fellow graduates, I’m in. I love Parkrun so that will be my 5k run each week.

KarinJRGraduate10 in reply to Dexy5

Thanks - I had never heard of Parkrun before - so you inspired me to google it. What a great movement! And there is one only a 25-minute drive from I went last Saturday. Thanks for the tip!

Dexy5Graduate10 in reply to KarinJR

I’m so pleased you enjoyed it too. I am lucky that I can walk to ours but 25 minutes is not too far.

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