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First Postgrad Run - 5k!!


After Sunday’s graduation run in damp fog, today was exactly what I’d had in mind when planning these runs in Skye! And I know there will be some eyebrows raised at the big extension to my running time and distance in one go, but here goes...

After being completely shattered at the end of Sunday’s 33 minute run, I decided this time to relax and take it very, very slowly - so keeping it slow downhill (not getting carried away) and treating every uphill bit with the utmost respect (on the steep bits, if the “running police” had been watching me they might have been asking whether I was actually running at all - I was, just!).

As a result, I found the run no more strenuous than a pleasant hike (which I do a lot of) and I just kept going, not out of breath whatsoever, and it genuinely felt like I could go on forever. Checking for any new aches or pains along the way, of course, and prepared to stop if there were, but there were none.

Early on I decided I could, and would, go for the 5k and (because Strava included my warm-up walk) to make sure I did that, I kept going until the Strava audio prompt said 6k total distance.

So I actually ran for about 5.6k in 53 mins, and Strava says my 5k time was 47m 23 sec. So very slow, but I got there, and am absolutely buzzing at doing a 5k.

It was really glorious - sun shining, slight wind so not too hot, fantastic scenery with the mountains in the photo accompanying me all the way, no headphones, the only sound was birdsong, sheep and cows.

Now that’s what I call a run :)

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Wow! What a view. I've been to Skye and it rained. A lot! Well done on the 5k!

Tbae in reply to Ang33333

This made me laugh.😂

Western Isles and West Highlands have the heaviest rain fall in the UK.

My birth place and people from there have webbed feet.🤔😂😂

Ang33333Graduate10 in reply to Tbae

In between the torrential rain we glimpsed beautiful views. For a few seconds! Will have to go back .

AlMorrGraduate10 in reply to Tbae

Love your post about people in the Scottish Highlands having webbed feet, great, anyway tomorrow I start week 8, 28 minutes of non-stop running, I will be doing the first 2 runs locally and hopefully next Monday, the 3rd 28-minute one it will be along the River Forth Walkway in Stirling, I have walked along that route many times but that will be the first time that I will be running it.

Tbae in reply to AlMorr

You are doing great.

Enjoy it all, we will be looking out for your podium soon.🌟👏👏🏃‍♂️🌟

Amazing!!! Well done- especially in Skye, you're braver than me 😊

Looks amazing, well done

During my post C25k consolidation period I set 3x5k runs per week irrespective of the time taken.

Always viewed the exertion required,at conversational pace, was comparable with a pleasurable walking day in the mountains.

Very well done and Atb with deciding what to do next.

The FAQ’s Posts very helpful when you are ready.Enjoy your consolidation freedom.🌟👏👏


Congratulations on a great run and your first 5k Hoagy!

Nice steady running, at your happy pace...feels good doesn't it..

The first of many more to come 😊x




Sounds idyllic ... and well done you for running 5k. Sounds like you really enjoyed it.

Keep up the good work ... happy running!

Hey well done!! Run goals ✅ 😊👍🏻


So envious of your route! Sounds just lovely, even with a spot of fog. That more than made up for your difficult first Parkrun. Good job. 😀


Woohoo!! You should feel very chuffed indeed. Now the 5k bug will get you! 😊

Sensational! The views and your performance 😉

Well done breaking rules is what it is all about !! It’s all about getting out there doing it and enjoying it ... ready for the next one !

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