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6.5k and the plan for the next month


Today I went back to the gym and ran a super comfortable 6.5k (its amazing I can now describe 6.5k as comfortable) at 8km/h, which is definitely my conversational pace.

I have a lot going on over the next 3 weeks as I am starting a new job in London (!) but living at home in essex so a lot of my time will be a) onbaording into the world of Canary Wharf b) on a train. I am determined to not let the running slip though, so am aiming for a minimum of 2 runs a week.

The 2 runs will be a 5k and a +5k with the distance depending on how sleepy i am and also the time I get into the gym. I would love to hit 8.5k in these next few weeks, which is looking attainable (i hope!). If I have time I'll also do a shorter (3.5/4k) speed run to try and get my pace up a bit :).

All very exciting times!

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Exciting indeed. Pleased to see you’re comfortable at 6.5k - that's about my limit at the moment, but going to have a bash at 7k tomorrow. Good luck with the running and the new job!

Hi there, I know Canary Wharf well and there's some lovely running along the river so you could always try and fit that in around your working day.

Good luck with the new job :)


Good luck on the new job and that sounds like a sensible and realistic plan too...


Exciting times! I always leave my longer run for the weekend, so I can always take my time and have a good long stretch session after (and a long leisurely breakfast!) Good luck with your new job! x


Best of luck Becky - hope it all goes well 🤗

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