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New shoe time!


Well no posts for nearly a year then 2 in the same day!!

A trip to Lincoln ended up in The Lincolnshire Runner, what a great shop...staff are really patient and helpful, was probably in there for about 45 minutes, started with Saucony then moved on to Brooks, Asics and On......found the Asics to be a bit too stiff around the heel for me so it came down to Brooks and On, ended up with me running the street outside the shop with one Brooks and one On!! As much as I liked the On trainers, for me I think my foot just felt a bit more planted on the ground with the Brooks....if anyone is in the Lincoln area I’d definitely recommend The Lincolnshire Runner if you’re in the market for some new running gear.

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They’re fab! You’ll have some great runs in those 👍😃


Loving the orange laces! 😃❤️


Lovely with those orange laces. I did the 2 shoes at the same time too, but between 2 different Brooks. The more expensive narrowly won. Enjoy!

So Friday evening pub might not be a thing anymore but apparently Saturday night pub is!!


Sassy shoes..they are the same colour as my trail shoes... :)

Happy running!

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