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How achey are you after a run? Normal physical effects you get after a run? (Non-injury related)


Another question from me this weekend (last one I promise!) as I've realised I'm not sure if how I normally feel after a run is normal or not. I am seeing a physio at the moment and we are working on strengthening up some of my muscles for the sake of my knees, but I wonder what you all find is your normal physical state after a run!?

I am normally a bit achey around my knees and hips/feet a bit sore (that sort of pre-blister feeling) that day after a run and a bit the day after, then by the 3rd day I normally feel fine again. Is this normal for everyone else?

What do you find the post-running (non-injury related) physical effects are for you?

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Just aches and stiffness, really, Sarah. Sometimes I can hardly walk if it's been a particularly hard run. Mainly in the glutes at the moment. Strangely, after today's very long run I don't feel too bad.


I have had some aches but no injuries so far. While doing C25K, I did have some general aches in the knees but this a,ways recovered after rest and while running there was some stiffness but not actual pain. I had to literally rest to allow my tender legs to recover, lying in bed with the electric blanket on, I stopped all other forms of exercise too.

When I graduated and started a 10k plan, my knees were not happy and I had to drop back to 3 X 30 minute runs. Then I went on to 5k but did it all slowly and I allowed my speed to build as my fitness improved. Now I do a long run once a week, it takes me 2 days to recover but not experiencing pain in the legs, just tiredness. Never had sore feet or hips at all though.

Two things that have really helped me: I do strength and flex exercises on running rest days which has greatly improved my knee strength. Second thing is, I run on mostly soft ground rather than hard paths and I have found this really allows my legs more cushioning and more variety of foot strike.


I usually get v stiff legs either after a v long run or one where I have upped my speed. I have recently discovered Epsom salts and they are amazing and worth a try...

Noaky12Graduate10 in reply to ju-ju-

JJ are you on commission from Epsom salts? If not you should be. Lol lol 😆😆😆


In my first 6 months of running I could 'feel' a run in my knees the day after. After I started building up my distances and doing some cross training this really helped. I think the key thing has just been really slowly building up my strength over the months. I now rarely feel any after effects from a run. I did my record distance (15k) a few weeks ago. I did some good stretches afterwards and gave myself some mini massage rubs and never felt a thing!

Generally just a nice tired feeling. Sometimes a bit achey through my legs. Yesterday I felt surprisingly good - I did make sure I did plenty of stretching and had a glass of chocolate milk straight after the run.


Hips & knees tend to be a bit stiff. If it's been particularly hard going then sometimes my calves can feel a bit achy too.

Doing lots of stretching def helps but doesn't get rid completely.

My aches normally only last about a day. ☺

JoolieB1Graduate10 in reply to Noaky12

Since I had an ache in the knee and shin, after a week resting, I make sure I mostly run on softer ground, this works for me!


At the present time, after a 5k+ run, my legs are wobbly and later on I get sore thighs. With a shorter run, I am fine, like a stroll in the park.

I did a couple of long run a few weeks back, one 8 and one 9, and was muscle sore the whole of my legs for a few days.

Running does not appears to be affecting my bones, just that my muscles are waking up and wondering what it is all about


Depends on what stage you are at, i don't now after parkrun but i use to! Now i feel it after 15mile + run's or if been running to many consecutive days but i just think that's my body telling me to take a rest day you fool.


For me ankles, knees and glutes have been the main sore points but that has depended on distance and the type of surface I'd been running on. Hills burn my glutes but don't on the flat, etc. I did get a burning feeling on the soles of my feet once but that was after a long run. Never had it since!

Running is a high impact exercise so I think we should expect aches most of the time.


Varys depending how I am feeling I guess , my legs definitely feel tired after my long run on Sat but luckily I always 2 days rest before running again on Tuesday evening

I don't do any other cross training which would probably lessen the effects , really should though..

I do listen more to my body and more importantly legs n knees and will drop a run to give a longer recovery if needed .

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