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Help with recuperation


Me again!! I meant to write about this a week or so ago but then life got in the way and I forgot. I’ve heard several of you say about foam rollers for stiff calves and thighs and I have tried them and don’t get on with them.

When I had all my thigh muscle issues back at the start of C25k I ended up booking a sports massage which was wonderful. I came home and said to my daughter “ I wish I had a sports masseur for every day” and she reminded me of one of our best Lidl bargains!!

Several years ago my daughter was helping out her Aunty Jeni, at Pathos,her Massage and Beauty Salon, in the summer holidays and she decided to do a Nail Technician course. On the back of this she got tickets to go to the Beauty Show at Olympia n London. And of course Mother went too. Thus began our long love affair with Nubar Nail Polish ( duochrome and also holographic) and more recently with ILNP ( I Love Nail Polish).

BUT, and this is the important bit,we were wandering around with Aunty Jeni, looking at all the stalls, hair, waxing, nails, makeup, skin treatments, we even saw one of the Orange The Only Way is Essex girls promoting her ghastly range of cloying perfume and we came to this one lovely lady.

She was selling these handheld massagers and asked if we’d like to try. I’d been moaning about having slept funny and my frozen shoulder all day and Lol said see if she can help you. And I did..... it was wonderful. There were 3 different heads, but she used the one with like rubbery spikes on and also the heat button and it got right in the spot. She had one of those chairs you sit on the get your posture right , where your feet go back in under and I just melted onto it. Lol didn’t believe it was that good so she had a go. Now we have always maintained that no one does a massage as good as Aunty Jeni but this was a close second. So we convinced her to try and she was so impressed she was going to come back and buy one for herself. They were selling at £140, which raised Lol’s and my eyebrows but Jeni reckoned it was worth it as she could sort her own shoulders out then at the end of a hard day.

Well as it was, we got caught up with other things, went and had lunch and then Jeni went off to visit a friend who had been taken into hospital nearby and me and Lol caught the train back to Southend, where Jeni joined us later. And that’s when we remembered the massager...too late.

Oh well, never mind. Imagine our surprise when a week later in Lidl we see virtually the same thing for £16.99. Well we bought it and, despite her father moaning” a fool and his money are soon parted” it’s brilliant.

And that is what I have been using on my poorly leg. I didn’t use it on the ankle at first as it was too painful but I used it in the good leg’s calf muscles where they were overworked and now I am using it on the poorly one too. It stimulates the flow of blood which aids and speeds up healing apparently and seems to have too. My sports masseur was amazed at how well my ankle has healed when I saw her after just less than 4 weeks.

My son, the carpet fitter has been known to steal it when he has had a particularly hard day or done too much weight- lifting at the gym. He’s doing competition power lifting. And it’s brilliant for frozen shoulder which is a common complaint of mine. I think because I sleep badly and get myself into odd positions before I finally fall asleep. And my friend borrowed it when she was suffering with her back in late pregnancy.

So if anyone is interested they are selling them on Amazon for £40 or keep an eye out in Lidl or Aldi as they have been in there again a couple of times. And I would highly recommend it.

And the nail polish is called Purple Beach and changes from purple to green in different angles

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Thanks for the tip, that looks really good! And stunning nails too :)

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