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2nd recovery run not so good!


So, yesterday I went out for my 2nd post-IC run. I did the same as last week - 5 laps of the track, although this time I ran about 2/3 and walked 1/3 of each lap until the final lap when I ran all the way. Today, everything bloody hurts! Both knees are sore, I have a bit of sciatica on the right and my right ankle is also a bit sore (although that may well be connected to the sciatica). On a positive note, my neck is feeling fine!

I'm a bit disheartened. Maybe I should have stuck to 50/50 running/walking for another couple of times? Anyhow, I'll rest for a few days and try again. Happy (and pain-free!) running everyone.

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Ouch, poor you. I hope you’re going to rest up and take it easy for a couple of days. You don’t want to do too much and end up back on the i.c.


Sympathy & hugs. Maybe a more gentle approach?? Some running is better than none. 😘

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