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Friday Fartleks and a Fab New App


Have been in Wiltshire and Devon for the weekend with a hectic schedule of seeing friends, my brother and then two of Mr Raz’s sisters. So it’s been so busy, not too busy to get in a run but busy enough to prevent me from posting until now.

I’m trying to get in the habit of doing a short run but with fartleks (speedy bits) once a week, and Friday seems to be as good a day as any. The lure of Michael Johnson (C25k week 1) is working well so while hubby and younger daughter slept off the excesses of the previous evening, I was up and out, with the added attraction of finding out how the link to the new found website would work.

I spotted it in someone’s post earlier this week and was intrigued.

Off I trotted for my warm up, and in 5 minutes, once I started Michael going, I was running alongside a narrow stretch of the river Avon and into the park. Another 5 minutes and Michael was telling me to run, which actually meant run faster, but I’m starting to get used to this routine now so sped up for the 60 seconds of not quite so torturous running.

He’s good, is Michael, and I’m starting to wonder why I didn’t use him when I did the C25K programme (but please don’t tell Laura). 8 intervals of speedy (ish) running in amongst my more usual pace are getting slightly easier (only slightly), although the recovery run seems to get slower and slower after each burst, but it was nice having a different park to complete them in and 5k in 27.13 was ok.

But the best but was seeing the mini video of my route on my iPad later in the day. I know it’s just a novelty, but I’m easily pleased.

We rode 27k later in the day along the Kennet and Avon, and Saturday was a 12km walk from Dittisham by the River Dart. Lots of exercise so having an extra rest day from running today, but have downloaded the Relive App and enjoyed seeing the mini videos of my routes through the countryside. 😀

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Sounds like a great weekend.

in reply to O505k

It was. 😀


Ah, the sexy smooth tongued Mr Johnson. I can still remember him telling me I could really do this as I floundered red faced and gasping through the early weeks of c25k. What a good idea to use him for fartleks.

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