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Back again - but for how long


Well I hope its a long time. Been on the IC for 4 weeks and decided that was long enough so did the local park run today. Having taken advice (from on here) and listening to my body I decided it was time to slow it all down (competitive sole i am it was probably not the right environment to come back in). HoweverI stuck to the plan and at no time was I looking to break my 26:16 PB. What made it better today was that I started Strava and it didnt pick up my GPS so I just put my phone in pocket and plodded around. (I usually) look at regular intervals to check on my minutes per km). This I think has been 1 of my downfalls. Today it was just pick a slow speed and stick to it as much as possible and it was great. Thgroughout the 5km I was listening for all those aches and pains I have had in the past, but nothing not a niggle. I was a happy boy. When I crossed the finishing line I wasnt fretting about stopping my time. I felt great and after a few hours wait I got the time I was hoping for 31:56. I had done it at last slowed the pace down, now I know I can do it. Cannot wait for the next run, just another 5 km before I slowly increase distance but not speed. I think I just might be learning to be a runner

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Well done. And I had that lightbulb moment recently of shifting focus from speed to distance, and it has revolutionised my running! Running slowly is so pleasurable, and the feeling of achievement in running longer distances is wonderful. I bring in a little speedwork now and again, but letting go of times for a while is liberating and can really improve your running. Plus, trying to run injury free is a fantastic goal. 😁 Keep up the good work.


Well Done bertiesugar, it sounds like a good solid run just like you need after the IC.

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