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What did I miss?


Hi everyone! Been a bit lost in the end of term madness for the last couple of weeks. Lost in, ‘forgot to post’ not lost in, ‘didn’t run’. Our work group have all managed to complete 5k now, and some of us are pushing on to 10. Started on JJ’s plan and now on week 2. But man this heat is so draining. So hard to get the motivation to set off. With me it’s sheer bloody mindedness. I’ve started, so I’ll finish!

Oh and I got a new garmin watch in the amazon prime sale. My new baby! Lime green strap clashes with everything I own especially my bright pink top, but this isn’t a fashion show!


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well done you, how is the plan going??


Hi! I’m afraid the plan went a little haywire as I was committed to so much stuff over the last couple of weeks....weddings, House moves, builders knocking down walls etc! Back on it now, restarted from week 2. This weeks 5k will be a charity fun run in Derby tomorrow, in support of the Brainstrust with some very courageous people who are fighting brain cancer.

I’m trying to make the shorter runs a bit of a challenge with hills and speed, and slow and steady on the longer ones. I’ll be ahead of the game though. Our work group will be starting a 10k programme in September. Everyone I know is running it seems!

Thanks for the support. 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️😁

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