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That was the first time I ran out of steam half way through


I’ve been running 5k 3 times a week for about two months now and today was the first time I just couldn’t do it. My legs just felt too tired. I had t stop just past the half way mark and walk home. Wondered if anyone had anything similar happen?

There are a few possible reasons why: it’s pretty hot, I was ill last week (though I was fine over the weekend), I’ve started trying to do other things than 5k recently (I did a treadmill run on Monday and intervals one time last week), I did a different gym workout than usual yesterday which left me tired and, although I drank water before I left, I didn’t eat much.

So, writing all that out makes me feel pretty stupid. I guess it’s some combination of the above?

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Any, or all, of those factors could have played a part. Most of us have had runs like this so don't fret about it, it's behind you now and you did get out for a run at the end of the day.

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