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B1R3 The “21 years in captivity” 5.5k


Heavy rain yesterday. Forecast for this morning was hot and humid but it was actually really fresh and lovely running weather.

After the high of my fastest 5k, back to Earth with a bump to face my longest run - 5.5k. Yeah, I know, a trifling amount more. I was actually really looking forward to it.

I had three route choices. Go “safe”, extending my regular 5k route (how weird does that sound) by adding 250m to the turn point. Go “scenic”, taking the canal route from last weekend and adding a bit. Or go “brave”, do the circuit south, part of which I walked a few weekends ago.

Those who know me well know safe would always win!

So. Yesterday I kept to one glass of wine and lots of water. This morning I got up, donned my nipple covers and got the hell out there.

Outbound run unremarkable. The gremlins had a half-hearted effort to convince me that this really would be too much and I should quit before I start. But they soon gave up. Breath was good. No toxic 10.

Getting near to the usual 2.5k turn point and there were a fair few pedestrians around. At the turn point there are some railings and the pavement narrows and I was unsure exactly where I’d need to turn and come back through the pedestrians, so I decided to cross the road.

Running on the unusual side of the road a very pretty blonde woman was walking from a side road to the main road, looked up, gave me this massive smile and a very cheery “good morning!”, which I returned. I ran on and she crossed the main road.

Keep going, must be near the new turning point, keep checking watch, dodging three postmen (how many does one street need?), keep going. Watch buzzes and I start to turn back for home.

I decide to cross the road where I am as it is quiet and run back towards my usual turning point. As I round the corner there is my smiling blonde, looking like she’s waiting for a lift.

As I approach her face lights up again and she says “Aren’t you good”. My inner Austin Powers wants to say “How can you tell from there” and instead, through the biggest smile I can muster after nearly 3k, I say “Aren’t I good!” and run on.

Being me, I am now head over heals in love with someone I don’t know and I float along for the next k or so, unaware of any need to run.

The path turns upwards and I’m reminded that I need to put some effort in to this. Pushing on, I know this won’t be fast but I’m enjoying it. I reach a point where I just feel like I am breathing so lightly and I could run forever.

Sirens Hill/The Naughty Steppe taken to Free Nelson Mandela, the whole run again fuelled by Jancanrun’s Ska playlist.

Strava tells me that this, my second run on Strava, sees me getting “second best” for every metric, which makes me smile.

Set up for the weekend. Some good friends on here are doing Parkruns today and I hope they all enjoy them.

My legs continue to change shape. The muscles on my shins are getting bigger and more distinct. My thighs are toning and my backside is shrinking. When I undo my trousers now they just fall down, no buttocks for them to rest on.

My watch tells me I need 3 days recovery. My calves say similar right now! Next week I’ll enjoy the 3k, try to beat my 5k time the last to 6k, hoping to fall in love with another random pedestrian!

Whatever run you have next, enjoy it x

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Great post Jay, very entertaining - and probably best that you didn’t go with the “Austin Powers comment” at that moment 😂 Well done on extending your max distance, while enjoying the run - a double whammy 👏👏👏


Good work, Jay! Don’t let the gremlins EVER tell you that you cannot do something. Then, the running gods will send you a pretty lady to spur you on. The universe is telling you something, right? 😁 GOOD WORK!

Sadie-runs x


Yeah baby ! (In an Austin Powers voice). Good steady progress is safe and that's good.


Hope you took my advice on the nipple covers 😂😜

Well done sounds like your post grad runs are going well!


Brilliant. Jay! Love your posts, love all the detail and love the humour! You’re doing so well. 😀

Keep running and keep posting! 🏃‍♂️👍🏻🙌

Did you get her name? Dixie perhaps, or maybe even Alotta? 😜😂 great post, great run and inspirational! Go Jay!

Excellent. Great run and you never know, you may "run" into your lady again and it could be the start of something beautiful. Yeah baby! 😉

SCHWING!!!! Oh, no that’s the other movie. Party on Jay!!!!

Your buzzing and a great post.

Week one✅

That’s some watch also.👍

Go you.💥🏃‍♂️💥

Sounds great Jay, making serious progress, love those runs when you feel like you can just go on and on 😊

Hi Jay, great post as ever. It’s always great to achieve a new goal and having ladies smile at you is always nice. 😊

Congratulations on your latest achievement. 😀👍 Onwards and upwards into next week 🤞🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️


Loved reading your post Jay, you are doing really well. Huge strides (and muscles) in such a short time. 👍 Awesome!


Well done! Running is such fun int it. I think, if you are interested in random things, like being outdoors, have a sense of humour, a high boredom threshold then running is perfect I quite like the scrum of folks, kids, dogs, posties blah blah, dodging folks on bikes and scooters. All grist to the mill

It’s great to be alive. Plus your arse falls off I rest my case 🤷‍♀️😁

in reply to misswobble

“Plus your arse falls off” is possibly the most inspiring thing anyone has written on this forum! 😘


Brilliant post from you Jay, I have only had two comments from people that I have passed in all the now almost three months that I have been running, they both shouted at me "you're going great", no rude comments from anyone.

This morning I went on a "test run" to check out how my hip would react to running again, getting better, the run consisted of 4 three minute runs with a two-minute walk in between, still a little sore on sciatic nerve within my right buttock when I run on my right foot, not ready yet to try that full 5k run.


Yay! Lovely read Jay! And sounds like a successful run all round. X 💨🏃


Nice one Jay. You seem to be blessed with an endless assortment of rather nice views as you scoot around!! Hope you were wearing suitably baggy shorts :-)

Are you turning into a local character? "Hot Running Man who's Smiling and Available"?

Is all you new running clobber right-sized for the new svelte you?

in reply to sallenson

Hot as in sweaty, perhaps! Currently the gear fits. I bought an L in the vest so that is snug across the chest at the moment. I figure it will only be worn for a couple more months this year then retired to next summer, when I hope to be thinner. The shorts are all XL but the very first pair I bought were Decathlon weird XL and too snug, so I’ll use them next. The hat has an adjustable headband to cope with my expanding head!

in reply to Jay66UK

I've always had problems with Decathlon sizing. Are the French really small? Or am i just an alarmingly fat b*stard?

At this rate we'll be in children's sizes by next year ❤❤

in reply to sallenson


Living in France, I find clothes really hard to buy over here. I'm 5'4" and a fairly standard size 12-14 but I often have to buy L or XL. The French really are a tiny race!

in reply to triumphbabe

When i asked someone in Decathlon to interpret the sizing in a way i understood they looked blank at me and looked up a cm conversion chart on their phone. I've concluded that buying the next size up is the only answer...


Entertaining young man. 😀That's an impressive way to run. Well done bud. 👍


Well done, sounds like you need a new belt 😉


Well done Jay - first of the slightly longer runs under your belt - no stopping you now! Love the idea of falling in love with random strangers each run!! 😂😃❤️

in reply to mountaindreamer

I’m a hopeless romantic 🤣

in reply to Jay66UK

I think we all are, it's an excellent way to be. 😀👍

Jay, I love this post! I hope you are keeping copies of these runs/posts because you should! Then one day put them all together in a book. What an inspirational book that would be, I’d buy it 👍

Another great run under your ever shrinking belt hunnibun 👏👏👍

Great post. Made me smirk a lot. My daughter said that I have "hip dips " because of running, but I love my new shape .

Well done on the run 💪🏃


Great stuff Jay! I've just started W2 with a pleasant parkrun :-) , as a tourist 'cos my local's cancelled due to a rowing regatta. 30:20:10s on Monday :-(

Highly entertaining. Well done to you!


Nice run jay 🏃

Ooh and a possible new friend 😉 you go jay 🏃🏃‍♀️😉

Pic of the leg muscles time please 😉😊🏃🏃‍♀️

in reply to Kar43

I’ve been told off for posting pictures of my body parts!

in reply to Jay66UK

Uh oh really? 🤣

in reply to Kar43

I think Jogger’s Nipple was one naughty step beyond.

in reply to Jay66UK

🤣oh no lol 😂 where's the sense of humour it's only a nipple 😆😊

I'm sure legs are fine 🏃🏃‍♀️🏃🏃‍♀️pic please 🤣🤣


Just re-checked my stats. The first 5k was only 40 seconds slower than my fastest ever one on Thursday 😳🙌


Sounds like a great run Jay. Well done...500m extra still sounds really far to me!

in reply to Saartjie

“Only 250m more each half” sounds so much better!


Brilliant write up! Bet you're glad you went "safe" now! I would've gone scenic, but then I'm cooped up. Def think it was too soon for Austin to reply, maybe next time if she's around. 😉

It's a great idea to add a little to the end, makes it feel very do-able.

Loving your programme, it's def working!


in reply to Sutsha

Alternative replies to “Aren’t you good”...

“No, I’m fantastic.”

“Not always.”

“Aren’t you gorgeous.”

Yeah, none of those either! 🤣


Hilarious 🤣 Jay!


I sent you a post hours ago but it’s gone into a black hole again .

Well done Jay, you are doing brilliantly. You know you are going to have to do the same run at the same time just in case your blonde lady routinely takes that route on a Saturday, or she might think I might walk this way at the same time next week in case that nice runner comes along again. 😉🏃‍♂️

in reply to Dexy5

Yup. It will happen.

I had this with a woman at my bus stop heading back to my park and ride after work - fantastic chat after I helped her work out which bus to get. Never seen again!


Will I see you tonight, on a downtown train

All my dreams fall like rain

On a downtown train 🎶

😁 Sigh. Just like love story innit I pass a handsome young bloke regularly on my runs. Proper miserable get 😁

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