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Slowly slowly


So with lots of things getting in the way of my Tues,Thurs, Sun routine I really do need to just consolidate at 5km for a few weeks. But its also to take some positives from it all. Last week in Munich I had a bad run and had to stop after 16 minutes even though I know I can tun for an hour.

So this morning the shoes were on and I was out the door. There had been a 'well then I cant run!'m moment of an excuse when I realised I hadnt packed my running shorts (I'm travelling on business again) but then decided that just the lycra shorts I wear under my running shorts would be fine.

I love tourist running. So many new things to look at and see. The little village I live in in Czech Republic only has a population of 350 so to have the chance to go running along the Thames in London was a treat.

I managed 25 minutes before I realised I was back at the hotel and it felt good to be back out. The 10km badge is going to take that bit longer but it will still be there.


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Oooh lovely. I agree about running tourism. I tend to travel to backwaters following lower league football. Still a new Route is always an adventure 😃

London bridge on a beautiful morning. Lovely 💪👍😃

That sounds like a great run, and I know exactly what you mean about tourist running. I was running in Wiltshire again at the weekend and found a new route along the River Avon. I'm quite jealous of your London run, as although I travel into London twice a week for choir rehearsals I haven't managed to run there yet.


I bet that was amazing. Like you I think its a real adventure to run in new and different places.... lovely :)


Glad you had a good run. Always nice to get a good one!! 😊😊


Wow...I love that picture, what a fab run you’ve had GingerBohemian must’ve seen more people in 5k than you see in one day at home??! Nothing wrong with a bit of Lycra!! I’m looking forward to my tourist running in just over a week...🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏻‍♂️💪🏼


Lovely photo and what a memorable run! I love running tourism too because you see so much more than you otherwise would.

There's no hurry for the badge and in the meantime it sounds as if you're having a fabulous time 🤗

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