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Couldn't resist


My last run of marathon training week 3 which I decided to repeat as my 10k race last Sunday interfered with my run distance. As many of you know I run the wet fenland and tonight I just couldn't resist stopping and dipping a toe in hehe.

The run was slow and steady in the heat and I will regret stopping at the lake because of the swarms of midge. But it was just heavenly and why I run. My blistered toes welcomed the break.. 48km done this week.. Not sure I will be able to go the distance 🙁

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Oh bliss! 48km in one week? Cripes, you are a Trojan! Have faith. Keep going. But maybe take a few days rest?

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Don't worry, no running tomorrow, just the gym and it only goes up a smidge to 50km 😜 next week.


28k in two days. Impressive 👍


just look at those hairy legs Pinko! You realise you'll probably have leeches clinging to the soles of your feet now? Impressive mileage per week, especially as it's been so hot.

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Hehe, i'm quite fair haired so it's not that bad, though that means I end up with milk bottle legs too :( Thankfully i'm not that hairy elsewhere. It amazes me when I see older men in the gym with hairless legs and I wonder if they veet them or shave them which just seems wrong to my sensibilities hehe. I'm all for a bit of male grooming and embrace the inner metro but waxing my legs, no, it aint gonna happen. Maybe there's a lot of cyclists in the gym...

I never thought about leeches to be honest.. :(

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Hairless older legs? Waning hormones or trouser rub! As for leeches I used to swim in the Thames off Port Meadow in Oxford down where the cattle went to drink, so gawd knows what I risked picking up there! Mr I Don’t Snore is a redhead turned strawberry blond with age and has never been massively hairy either 😂


Of course you will, slow it down a bit and you will be able to go much further... and there is nothing nicer than dipping the feet in to cool water...such a treat 😎

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Thank-you for your confidence. I did slow it down quite a lot already hehe and I don't worry about taking walk breaks and picture stops anymore which helps a lot as I view these as training miles not racing miles.

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