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Considering next goals


Just two runs this week due to time constraints and likely the same next week as lots of travel. I did a mid week 5k on Wednesday and a 17.5k yesterday.

The 17.5k has left me pretty tired and led me to consider what I’m trying to do here. I got to 10K at the end of April and have upped things slowly since. But I’ve never entered any races and have no immediate plans to do so. So there isn’t really a clear reason to keep going longer, other than to see if I can.

Yesterday made me realise I’m probably at the limit of what I can do without more water and better planning (though a drop in temperature might get me to half marathon, just). I run early so I don’t eat beforehand (jelly babies every 20mins whilst running) - what kind of distance do you reckon is possible before breakfast fellow early morning runners?

I think I might step back now and focus on finding new routes. Part of the reason I chased distance originally was to have the range to get beyond the village. I reckon I have the range I need now so am going to focus on variety and new routes.

Which of course means you can expect my half marathon distance post in a few weeks 😂🤣😂

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Hi Tony, I think you have entered a new phase - consideration 😀. It's good to do and can lead you into all sorts of interesting places 👍. After a long while 'considering' (about 37 yrs, even before I actually ran 😂) I am now training for my first marathon in October. I graduated c25k in October 2012.

Being tired after 17.5k isn't surprising; it's a long way and it's hot at the moment, even early doors. I don't do many events but frequently do HM distance on no breakfast but 1 or 2 mugs of tea. As with everything, it's a case of finding out what works for you.

By running fasted your body learns to use body fat with the switch from carb to fat getting almost seamless. Unless someone is actually underweight there's plenty to use 😄.

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Good point. I hadn’t considered really the benefits of running fasted 😀

Good to know half marathon is possible without breakfast 😀


I went that route back in April after having done the b210k, I got to 15k and planned to do 18k the following week, but just the thought of it was too much. I just wasn't ready for it and didn't really need it. So I backed off and enjoyed the shorter distances and the 10k's and races for a bit before suddenly deciding I'd like to do it again and trotting off and completing a HM one evening. Good Mrs Pink, said ooh you have been gone a bit hehe.

I think your probably at a similar level and just letting things settle for a bit and find a new level without setting yourself any challenges is totally fine. Do try to solve the hydration issue though, the options aren't that expensive.

I can't help with regards to the fasting, even with a 5am run I think I have had some toast or some porridge usually before going out the door(I don't get stitch or stomach issues thankfully), but it sounds interesting running on fat reserves (I have a few I could run off) hehe

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Yes I think that’s exactly where I am. Just because I can do it, doesn’t mean I should. And I’m probably increasing my injury risk for no good reason.

Think will invest in a bladder, and probably a buff, hat and sunglasses too whilst I’m at it. I reckon a litre would be good for up to 21k but not looked at options yet.

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